I miss Traveling

I have always loved it to Travel around Europe, Discovering new Places and just Exploring around. Off Course, that has not really been a possibility for pretty much a Year by now.

I had some Work Trips and a short Family Vacation in between, but most of my Plans fell into the Water and stayed there. It just had to be that Way.

In Hamburg | December 2019

Off Course not all was bad though. I learned to appreciate Nature much more than I ever did before.

Hiking in the Harz and Exploring the Area became a huge Part of who I consider myself to be. I even found a new Passion in learning as much as possible about the Oberharzer Wasserregal and Finding all of the Oberharzer Teiche.

I actually think that I am doing quite well with that, but there are still many Teiche that I have yet to Discover for myself.

Hahnenklee | November 2020

My Year 2020 really was not all too bad. Sure, it was definitely not the best Year ever, but I managed.

Not being able to really Travel for Fun, except for those few Days in Lübeck in October. That Trip was really nice, and I got to go there with my Family. I really did love our Time in the Marzipan Capital of Germany, or maybe even the World.

Usually, I prefer it to travel by myself, but I kinda feel like that is slowly changing.

Marzipan in Lübeck | October 2020

I am grateful for what I got to do and Experience since last Year, but I also really miss it to Travel somewhere just for Fun. That still is not an Option, for obvious Reasons.

And while I did get to Travel, and even spent a Night here or there, that was always for Professional Reasons. By that I mean Placement Tests.

For now we all have to put our own Interests on hold though, so that we may all get through this together.

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