More Train Station Photography

I kinda like it to Travel by Train, and today I got to do so to get to an important Appointment in Hannover. Sometimes, I also really like doing Street Photography. That can actually be a whole lot of fun.

What is even more Fun though is the Combination of both Trains and Street Photography. I then call that Train Station Photography, and it is awesome.

A Dog in Hannover.

During normal Times, there are many People at Train Stations, and I usually would not find many Foto Ops. Ever since the Annoyance started last Year though, there are fewer People around.

That is actually good for me, because I can see more Scenes when I get to do some Street Photography, and since everyone wears Masks, there are no Faces to cover up.

I still prefer it to have my People facing away from the Camera and I also prefer them to only play a smaller Part in my Fotos. The Streets, or in this Case the Train Stations, are way more important to me.

At Platform 9, Section G.

After my Appointment, I had some Time to spare before I took a Train back Home, and so I decided to just go ahead and do some Train Station Photography today. It was awesome.

Some rather interesting Things happened both in Hannover and also in Braunschweig on my way back Home. Taking the Train really can be a little Adventure on its own.

I also got to see my favourite kind of Locomotive in Action. That Thing is usually in Reserve as something like a Tow Truck on Rails, and it looks really Cool. But more on that later.

In front of Braunschweig Hauptbahnhof.

Due to some unforeseen Circumstances, my Train from Hannover arrived in Braunschweig a little late. That was enough to make me miss my Train to Osterode though. The Connection would have been tight anyways though.

Because of that, I won another Hour to do some more Photography, and also to have some Dinner. I had not really eaten all Day long, and walking around all that Time can make you hungry.

I did not take that many Fotos in Braunschweig though. There is mayor Construction going on at the Hauptbahnhof, and I do not really like that Place anyhow.

A few People in Braunschweig.

Today was a good Day for Photography, even though it started out extremely early and really foggy. Doing some Street Photography really was a lot of Fun, and I am looking forward to do it again one Day.

It has to feel right in the Moment though. That is another huge Part of how I do Street Photography. It just has to feel right, or I will just do something else. Also, I usually never Plan to get some Street Fotos right away.

That Way I do not get disappointed when I do not get the right results.

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