Almost getting that Stempel

A while ago, I went to the Sösetalsperre to get a Sonderstempel there. Back then, I was thwarted by some Forestry Operations. So I decided to try again this Afternoon.

There Weather was nicely Mediocre. It was a little Windy, there was some minor Snowfall, and it was a little Cold. But I kinda liked all that.

At the Talsperre.

After arriving at the Talsperre, I immediately started to walk across the Dam, and luckily the Barricades at its end were actually gone. I would finally be able to get that Sonderstempel.

On the Way there, I looked at some Information Boards of the local Fischereilehrpfad, were you can learn all about Fishing and Fish here in the Harz. It is actually quite interesting, even though I really do not like Fishing.

I always appreciate learning new Stuff though. That is always nice.

At the Lehrpfad.

Off Course, there was still a lot of Evidence of the Woodworks that were going on two Weeks ago, and the ‘Street’ was covered in a lot of Mud. It was actually kinda slippery.

The Forest also showed deep Scars where a lot of Dead Trees had been removed. It will probably be a while until there are new Trees growing there. Good Things always take some Time.

A mess of Branches and Twigs.

After some Time, I then arrived at the Stempelstelle. It took me way longer than it should have to get there because of all those Information Boards.

There, I got my little Hiking Folder out of my Backpack and was just about to smash that Stempel into my Wanderpass. Sadly, it was not meant to be though.

Most Stempel have a rubbery Pad below their Handle. That Piece is necessary to stamp whatever Motive, in this Case the Harzer Hexenstieg Witch, into my Wanderpass.

And that exact Piece was missing. There are actually People going around stealing those. I really do not like them.

At the Stempelstelle.

But because I really liked the Weather, I just sat down and had something to Drink right next to the Stempelstelle.

While I was there, someone else actually showed up to also get that very same Sonderstempel, and I found out that the next regular Stempel at the Schindelkopfköte was entirely gone.

Anyways, that Person was just shy of becoming a three time Wanderkaiser, and she just started in 2015. To get that Title, you need to collect all 222 regular Wandernadel Stempel. That is a lot of Hiking in 6 Years!

The broken Stempel.

After a while, I decided to just go back Home though. On the Way to the Car, I came across even more People who either wanted to get that Stempel or who already knew that it was broken.

I would have really loved to get that Sonderstempel today, but apparently, it was just not meant to be.

Maybe I will try again, but I highly doubt that the Stempel will be fixed until April 16, when the Stempelstelle will be removed again. But hey, I got a nice afternoon Walk out of it.

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