I kinda like Trains. To me, they are awesome Machines that haul around everything from Goods to People, and in some Cases even both. Trains are also really cool Foto Subjects.

A Train Line going through a nice Landscape always looks really cool. To me, it does not matter if it is Steam or Modern, but I kinda prefer Modern and Electrified. I kinda like the overhead Wires.

A Train in Köln.

As with everything, I off Course have my favourites though. While the latest Trains can look very Cool, I definitely prefer those Locos from the 70ies and 80ies, at least here in Germany.

My absolute favourite Locomotive actually is kinda bad for the environment though. It is a huge 12 Cylinder Diesel Beast. It is also relatively slow going, at a Top Speed of ‘only’ 140km/h.

It does sound really awesome though and it has superb Shapes. Those Shapes are also why I prefer older Trains, at least for more Close-up Photography. They just look a lot better. New Trains just have to be Efficient and Aero Dynamic.

A beautiful 218.

Right now, my absolute favourite kind of Locomotive is the Baureihe 218 of the Deutsche Bahn. And those have become Rare. Up until about seven Years ago, they still hauled Regional Trains all the Way from Hannover to Bad Harzburg, but that Route changed Rolling Stock and Operators back then.

As far as I am aware, 218s are only in Service for the Sylt Shuttle and in some Places in Bavaria right now, but I am definitely not sure on the latter. That might have changed last year.

They are also used as ‘Towing Locomotives’ though to haul stranded High Speed Trains like the ICE off those important Rail Corridors, for example if those overhead Wires are down. I read that they are slowly being replaced there as well though.

The 218 in Hannover.

When I was in Hannover last Thursday, I also went ahead and took some Fotos of the Tow Loco 218 that is usually stationed there between Platforms 7 & 8. There, I also asked someone from the Deutsche Bahn what that Loco is used for, and that is where I learned about that Towing Purpose.

I also got lucky though and the Loco had to go somewhere shortly after I had talked to that Rail Worker. Someone got into the Cab, turned on the Engine and headed out of the Station in the Direction of the north- and westbound Lines.

While I had already shot a little idea Project in Hannovers Subway that Day, I just could not resist the urge to also Film my absolute favourite Locomotive. I re like that Thing, mostly how it Looks, but also how it Sounds.

The one I caught in Hannover was initially built back in 1975 by the Way. It probably had a very full Service Life so far.

Train Spotting really can be a lot of Fun. And it definitely was quite exhilarating last Thursday. Trains are just very cool Machines.

And they are definitely better for mass Transportation, of both People and Goods, than Cars. Even those powered by Diesel Engines can haul way more than anything road-bound ever could.

The Subway Video:

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