A new Dam

The Sösetalsperre here in Osterode was the first modern Talsperre in the Harz, being finished all the Way back in 1931.

It, like most Talsperren here in the Harz, also has a Vorsperre to absorb uniquely high Waters, and a Stilling Basin to regulate outflow from from the Talsperre.

The Söse below the Talsperre.

After all that Time, it is no wonder that some Renovations are in order to keep up that Dam, and also to keep it running safe and smooth.

The Main Dam had been refurbished Years ago, but that Stilling Basin began to show Signs of its Age and required more extensive Work.

So, a few Years ago, major Parts of its Dam were torn down to be completed replaced with new Construction. Off Course, that took quite a while to Complete.

Along the Way.

A while ago, that Work was finished, and the new Systems underwent a Trial Phase. That has also finished, but I do not know exactly when that happened.

Today then, I finally got to see that new Dam with my own two Eyes. My Brother had persuaded me to go there together with my Mom. And I actually had a good Time walking there.

It was definitely very muddy, but luckily I had anticipated that because of my Experience last Friday, when I tried to get that Sonderstempel again, so I brought my Wellies. Hint: I was not successful.

Water flowing out the new Dam.

That new Dam, while still being very Concretey and Industrial in Design, definitely looks way better then the old one ever did. Its Lines are way clearer, and the old mechanical Gate was replaced with a simple concrete Weir.

I actually kinda like how it looks. And it even kinda fits with the still old Wasserwerk where the Turbines are and where drinking Water gets filtered to go to Bremen and Göttingen.

It also looks a bit beaten up already, with quite some Grime running down most vertical surfaces. But that just adds to its industrial Charme.

On Top of the new Dam.

I had a great little afternoon Walks across that Dam from the Vogelstation with my Family today. The Weather was good enough, and I am definitely happy that I went along, and even more so that I brought my Wellies.

It really was muddy up there. I definitely like that new Dam though.

The new Dam.

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