On my Backpack

I heavily rely on Backpacks to take all my Foto Equipment, Hiking Gear and other Stuff with me wherever I go. They are just way more comfortable than Slings or other such Things.

I also do not really like it carry around a typical, off the shelf Backpack Those just look boring. So I always do at least some amounts of Customization and Personalization.

My Backpack.

Right now, I actually have quite a few Things on my Backpack. There are two Patches and a few handmade Items on there. One of which I made all the way back in Primary School.

One of those Patches is my old Canadian Flag that I bought in Vancouver, and the other is from when I visited Photokina back in 2018. It says ‘Photography is all I need’.

I also have several Molle Pouches attached to store smaller Items like those spare SD-Cards, some Cables, a few Lens Cloths and also a little bit of Hiking First Aid Equipment. I just have some Band AIDS and a few Bandages though.

Beni the Stormtrooper.

Usually, Beni the Stormtrooper also has its Home on my Backpack. Right now, I have him stowed away in my bigger Camera Bag though. It will go back sometime though.

Taking Fotos with that little Keychain usually is a lot of Fun, and truly to his Occupation, he always looks a bit menacing.

I kinda like that though. Stormtroopers just have to look a tad bit intimidating. They are usually the bad Guys after all. #welcometothedarkside

My TC Keychain.

One of my favourite Items on my Backpack definitely is my beautiful Leather Keychain from Traveller Collective* though. I bought that Thing back in 2016, and actually lost it for a period in between where it was just lying out on the Street somewhere. That is also the Reason for that Cable Tie.

Someone put it on the Wall in front of my Moms House though, and I got it back after a while. That was really great, I was almost about to buy a new one back then. They had changed their Logo though, and I definitely preferred the Vintage Version.

All those litt Washers are engraved with a Place I have travelled to, something that defines me or something that I stand for. And there is even a little bit of Charity involved.

Before COVID, TC built some Schools in Africa and helped a few People that had never travelled before to go on their dream Journeys. They are actually quite Cool.

Yesterday in the Woods.

I really like it to Customize my Backpacks. That is definitely a big Part of who I am. Also, regular Backpacks rarely fit all my Needs, and it is always great when I can Expand or at least make them my own.

There are a few Things that I can go without, I could always go without the added Molle Pouches. My various Knick Knacks are important though, and they have been on pretty much every Backpack that I have ever owned.

I can not believe that I seriously disliked any grade of Customization until just about ten Years ago, but I guess People change.

*I have no affiliation with TC, but they are really cool. I also have had Contact with them in the Past.

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