Exploring the Oberharzer Wasserregal

Lately, I am quite obsessed with finding Teiche in the Oberharz. That is always a lot of Fun, and I can usually learn something about the Harz in the process as well.

Those Teiche are a Part of the Oberharzer Wasserregal, but there is so much more to Discover. Gräben connect most Teiche, and some other Systems are still in Place.

Today, I visited the Polsterberger Hubhaus, which was built in the 18th Century.

On the Way to the Hubhaus.

Back then, the Polsterberger Hubhaus was used to pump Water from the Dammgraben below to the Hirschler Teich above via the Hutthaler Widerwaage.

Without it, most Water ended up in the Pfauenteiche, but the most productive Silver Mines in Clausthal were situated to high in the Mountains to use Water from those Teiche.

The Wooden Systems were replaced by an electric Pump at the beginning of the 20th Century though. That Pump supposedly still exists in the Hubhaus which is now used as a Hiking Restaurant.

As a Part of the Oberharzer Wasserregal, the Polsterberger Hubhaus is a Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that also includes the Rammelsberg Mines in Goslar and many other Things related to the rich Mining History of the Harz. It is also a registered historic Building.

The Polsterberger Hubhaus from below.

Getting to the Polsterberger Hubhaus today is very easy. It is located a mere 800 Metres from the Main Road and its accompanying Parking Lot. Because of that, I decided to continue on to the Jägersbleeker Teich after I had walked there.

My Path there actually took me down to and along the Dammgraben from where the Hubhaus drew its Water back in the Day. It is also the longest still existing Graben in the Oberharz.

That bit of my Hike was the shortest though, and after a while, I then arrived at the Jägersbleeker Teich.

Along the Dammgraben.

The Jägersbleeker Teich was built around 1670 and is nowadays used as a Drinking Water Reserve. That means that you can not swim in it during the Summertime.

At the south-eastern End of the Teich, near the Dam, there is also a Stempelstelle of the Harzer Wandernadel. It is Station 127 in the Wanderpass. I already collected that Stempel last Year though.

I still took a short break in the Weppner Hütte. Sadly, there was a lot of Trash there that someone else had left behind, mostly empty Vodka Bottles. I really do not like it when People leave all their Junk behind in Nature.

The Jägersbleeker Teich.

The Path back to the Parking Lot from the Jägersbleeker Teich was nothing special though. The Light however was exceptionally beautiful today, and there where many Foto Ops along the Way.

While Spruce Monocultures are definitely bad for the Forest as they are very susceptible to the Buchdrucker Bark Beetle, it does look very good when the Light falls through them and creates some beautiful Shadows.

I really do like that about the Harz. Those Monocultures are one of the biggest Problems here, but they are also a Part of the Character of the Oberharz especially.

Along the Way.

Today was actually a great Day to Explore around the Polsterberger Hubhaus. I had a great Time walking along the Dammgraben, reading every Information Board I was able to find.

In the more shadowy Areas, the Path was also very muddy though, but that happens when the Snow starts to finally melt away.

The Trash in the Weppner Hütte was a real bummer though.

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