There are several German Words that can describe a desire to Travel. All those Words are uniquely beautiful, yet they mean all the same.

I myself would definitely see me as a Fernwehmensch. I absolutely love it to Travel and Explore new Places. When I stay at one Place for all too long without a Change of Scenery, I kinda loose my drive.

More recently, my deep rooted Fernweh has been replaced by intense Wanderlust though.

A Forestry Road.

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, Wanderlust stands for a strong Desire to Travel.

Fernweh on the other Hand is the same as Homesickness, Heimweh in German, just the other Way around.

I actually agree with those definitions for the most Part.

In the Harz.

Then again, Definitions usually never capture the deeper meaning of Words. Sometimes, Things just feel different than they are supposed to be.

In my Eyes, Fernweh relates more to long distance Travelling though, while Wanderlust can be satisfied by just getting out of the House and Exploring a beautiful Area, even if just for a few Hours.

Because of the Pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult to please my longing to Travel. And while it is hard, I am content with not going anywhere if it has to be.

A Hochsitz.

My Wanderlust is kinda easier to satisfy though, with the Harz being pretty much right in my Backyard. And there is a whole lot to see and do here, even though most Attractions and Restaurants are obviously still closed.

But that is just a mere Hitch. I prefer to Explore on my own Time and without paying entrance Fees anyhow. And it is easy to pick up some Snacks at the Store and just have a little Picnic on some Bench somewhere.

Hiking actually is a great Way to alleviate my Wanderlust, even if it is just for a little while.

At the Zankwieser Teich.

Without the ability to go Hiking out in the Harz, I really have no Idea what I would do instead.

I guess I am a bit Fortunate that way.

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