Rookie Mistakes

I absolutely love Photography. Some would even consider me decent at it. There are still mistakes I make all the Time though.

Those Mistakes do not even have that much to do with Photography. Instead, they prevent me from taking Fotos at all sometimes. No matter how much I try to stay in the Game, I still behave like the biggest Rookie sometimes.

A dead Battery.

My personal biggest Flaw when it comes to Photography is that I usually forget to actually charge my Batteries and then carry empty ones around for Days until it catches up with me.

Sometimes, I even forget fully charged Batteries at Home in my Battery Charger. And I usually take them out as soon as I notice that they are full.

Both those Things definitely prevent me from taking Fotos. While that only truly happened once so far, I am more often restricted by almost empty Batteries than I care to admit. That is usually even more annoying than not having a full Battery at all.

No SD Card.

SD Cards are another Thing that I am prone to Forget from Time to Time. I have built the habit of always having a few Spares with me, but a few Weeks ago those were still in my other Backpack.

It hit me when visiting the Fortuner Teich. Luckily, I realized that early on, pretty much right after I had left the Car. That Time, I got lucky and was able to buy a new SD Card at the local Marktkauf. That was nice. And a little bit of a Lifesaver.

I definitely need to buy a new Hard Drive though, it is getting full now.

En Route to the Polsterberger Hubhaus. Shot in the middle of the Day.

My biggest Flaw is that I just go out and do Photography whenever I have the Time to do so. I never pay Attention to the Time of Day or Things like Golden Hour.

I also never really cared about Golden Hour though. Photographers who only go out when the Light is right do not really concern me. It can also get boring fast when every Foto has the same Mood.

Sometimes, it is really awesome to do some ‘Good Light Photography’ though. That can actually be a lot of fun.

At the Fortuner Teich.

Photography is awesome and should be Fun. Without Batteries or SD Cards it definitely is the opposite though. Being restricted to certain Hours of the Day is also not that enjoyable.

I definitely prefer it to go out when I want to do Photography, and not when the Light is supposed to be right. It might be wrong, but that is how I roll.

(It should be noted that I only make the first two Mistakes on the rare Occasion, but they bug me nonetheless.)

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