One overflowing Teich

As some might know, I am really obsessed with Finding Teiche lately. That is always a great deal of Fun. It usually is also quite Educational.

Today, I visited a Teich that I had tried to get to a few Weeks ago. Back then, I turned around because the Path up to the Dam was very steep and icy. I had also brought the wrong kind of Shoes back then.

Along the Path.

Off Course nothing had changed about the steepness of the Terrain, but at least all of the Ice was gone. Today, it was actually easy getting up to the Teich.

Today, I finally made it to the großer Kellerhalsteich between Zellerfeld and Hahnenklee. And I was not disappointed. It was beautiful.

Built around 1724, the Teich is of the ‘new’ Variant. It does not have a Striegelhaus, and its Watertight Layers are in the middle of the Dam instead of being exposed on the Waterside. Outflow is controlled via a Dry-Well built into the Dam.

Today, it is used to provide Drinking Water for Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

Along the Dam.

While the Weather was awesome today, it was also very Windy on top of that Dam. It sits right at and about 15 Metres above the main Road between Zellerfeld and Goslar, so that was not really a surprise. I made it across just fine.

From up there, I also had a great View of that Road and all the Cars and Trucks passing below. There was actually quite a bit of Traffic out today.

There were way more People than I would have ever anticipated, but most of them arrived just as I was getting ready to leave again.

The Road.

It was also no surprise that a lot of Water was gushing out of the Teichs Overflow after all the Snow we had here in the Harz this Winter. And I really did like that. Flowing Water is always nice.

I definitely prefer Water that has some Force behind it though. The Noise that comes from even little Waterfalls and Turbulence is awesome. It makes the rest of the World go silent for a while.

It also looks really good on Video.

Water rushing out of the Teich.

I have always wanted to visit the Großer Kellerhalsteich that is also known as the Mittlerer Kellerhalsteich after its Location, and today I was finally able to make it.

That leaves the Unterer and Oberer Kellerhalsteich, as well as a Handful of others, for me to Find.

Maybe I should finally start a real List of the Teiche I have already visited, instead of just crossing them off a Map that I found online.

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