Rushing Water

For me, flowing Water is one of the best Things in Nature. I absolutely love it to spend some Time at Streams, Gräben and even Rivers. Flowing Water drowns out all the Noises of the World.

Sometimes, it is great to just sit there and think. I also really like it to do Fotos and Videos. That is always nice.

Water gushing out of the Oderteich.

A few Weeks ago, I visited the Oderteich after a long Time of deliberately staying away from the Place. For the first Time since I can remember, I was able to witness Water flowing out of the Oderteich.

It came out of that Overflow with such Force, I absolutely loved it. That Day, I had not planned to do any Cinematography at all, but I ended up filming the Event anyways.

That had been on my personal Harz Bucket List for quite a while. And it was awesome.

At the Sösetalsperre.

Just last Week, I then visited the new Stilling Dam at the Sösetalsperre with my Family. There the Water came rushing out of a Pipe, but it was still very awesome.

Off Course the Sound of the Water was completely different, it came out of a very much restricted space after all. It still had so much Force behind it though. I was kinda able to feel that just by looking at it.

Just a few Metres downstream, nothing of that Force was left. It was kinda hard to tell if the Water was flowing at all. That is how Calm it had become.

I found that a little fascinating.

Yesterday at the Kellerhalsteich.

Yesterday then, I got to visit some more free flowing, wildly rushing Water when I found the Kellerhalsteich. It was beautiful.

Once again, I had not planned to Film anything at the Teich. But just as when I visited the Oderteich it happened again.

Something just always makes me shoot some Video of Water that is free to behave just as it wants to, only being restricted by Nature itself.

At the Prinzenteich.

Rushing Water will always draw me towards its Sound. It is just so calming to listen to it. I love Water and I always will.

It has so much Force, it is kinda unbelievable when you get to witness it. On the other Hand, Water can provides a lot of Electricity. So it kinda is believable.

Nature really is awesome.

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