A little Snow at the Teich

Just last Week, I visited the Polsterberger Hubhaus near Clausthal, and I had a great Time there. On that Day, I also visited the Jägersbleeker Teich, because it would not have been a Hike otherwise.

Today , I got to visit the Polstertaler Teich just about 800 Metres downhill from the Hubhaus, and there was actually a little bit of Snow left at the End of that one.

At the Graben.

The easiest Way to get to the Polstertaler Teich is to drive through the Hellertal between Clausthal and Altenau and then stop at the Parking Lot in the Polstertal. So I did just that.

From there, my Journey took me past the local Campingplatz and up a bit up the Polsterberg. Today, there were actually a few People at that Campingplatz do8ng some yard work.

I am not really a Camping Guy myself, but I definitely could see the Appeal of that Place. The Nature surrounding it is beautiful!

A Hochsitz along the Way.

Along the Way to the Polstertaler Teich, I also came by a little Hochsitz that just sat there in the Woods. I really liked that.

Hochsitze usually stand for Hunting Activity and Hunters, but they also make for great Foto Subjects. Also, Hunting kinda intrigues me lately. It is not that I want to be a Hunter, but all the Things you have to learn for your License are definitely interesting.

In Essence, Hunting is not that different from Wildlife Photography. You track Animals and then hide from them t get the Shot. Only the Tools used differ.

To the Polsterberger Hubhaus.

At the End of the Teich, I hit a Fork in the Path that would take me around the Teich or up the Mountain to the Polsterberger Hubhaus where I was last Week.

Since I have already been there, I decided to take the one that leads around the Teich though. Also, the Car was parked in that Direction.

The Polstertaler Teich.

The Polstertaler Teich was built back in 1728, and it is absolutely beautiful. Back in the Day, it was used to provide Hydraulic Power for the Mines in the Harz, just like every other Teich here.

It was a pleasure to Find it nonetheless, and I was once again able to learn a few more Things.

I also found a small Patch of Snow along the Path though, and that was a little wondrous. It was 20° Celsius after all, and it has been warmer since a few Days.

A little Snow at the End of the Teich.

After a while, I then reached the Dam of the Polstertaler Teich though. Today, that actually pretty much marked the End of my Journey as all I had to do was to get back to the Car along the Path I came.

On the Way back though, I came across a Mountainbiker who rode through the Woods really quite fast. So fast in Fact, I was unable to ready my Camera in Time.

After just a short while, I then arrived back at the Car though and started to drive Home.

A Bench at the Teich.

Today, I had a great Time at the Teich. There was pretty much no Cell Reception, and so I really got to disconnect for a little Time. Sometimes, I need that.

The Snow confused me a little, but the Path was otherwise dry and walkable. There were little Roots and just one set of Stairs down to the Dam. I lied that.

The Polstertaler Teich definitely is beautiful, but it will probably not become one of my Favourites anytime soon. I have just visited to many nicer Teiche for that to happen.

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