I like Hochsitze

These past few Weeks, I have been out in the Harz Exploring quite a bit. I found several Teiche, and saw a lot of beautiful Nature. Along the way, I also caught the Sight of a handful of wooden Structures.

Those Structures were mostly smaller Ansitze, but there were also a few genuine Hochsitze. I really do like both of those Things though.

One Ansitz near Festenburg.

Both Hochsitze and Ansitze are Structures that are built and maintained by Hunters to aid them in Hunting and Observing Animals. Usually, it is forbidden for Non-Hunters to even enter the Structures for Insurance reasons.

Because of those Rules, and also because I do not want to upset anyone, I have not entered any Hochsitze in a while. When I was a Child, that was different though. My late grandfather was a Hunter, and I accompanied him to where he was building a Hochsitz once.

Ever since then, the Memories start coming in when I see a beautiful wooden Hochsitz. They are also very Photogenic in my Opinion.

Near the Polsterbeger Hubhaus.

As I see it, Hunting is not all too different from Wildlife Photography. Both things require immense amounts of Patience.

Usually, both Hunters and Photographers also camouflage themselves from the Animals they want to ‘shoot’ in order not to phase or spook them. Running Animals usually do not make for the best Fotos, especially in the Woods.

The main Difference between the two lies in the Tools used to get results. Photographers use Cameras, while Hunters have their Guns. I guess both would pack some nice Binoculars though. Those are definitely useful to spot Things in the Wild.

At the Polstertaler Teich.

I would love it to just sit on a Hochsitz watching Nature go by sometimes, but as of now that is not going to happen anytime soon.

To own a Hochsitz I would be a Hunter, and I doubt I will ever be one myself, even though the Profession seems to be on the Rise here in Germany. More and more People in my Cloud are talking about getting their License, and some already have it.

The Things People have to learn to get that License are definitely very interesting for Non-Hunters as well though. I would love it to be able to identify Animal Tracks. That seems to be useful for Photography as well.

The Ladder of a Hochsitz.

I really love the Sight of Hochsitze, and also Ansitze, in the Harz. They make me feel like I am deep in Nature, but also still connected to our Civilization.

Hochsitze also usually stand out in the where they stand. Most are built at the Edge of the Forest or at Clearings for ease of Access, but mostly for visibility. A Hochsitz that you can not see much from is kinda useless.

I really like it how Hochsitze look in Fotos though. They are definitely one of my favourite Subjects.

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