My favourite Teiche so far

I really love it to find Teiche in the Oberharz. It is awesome to see that every single one of those is Different, yet also very similar.

Over the past few Months, and also before that, I was able to find several Teiche. And as with everything, I definitely have my favourites. While every Teich has its Thing, there are just some that I like more than others.

The Ziegenberger Teich.

One of those Teiche I just can not resist definitely is the Ziegenberger Teich in Buntenbock. It is very beautiful, there is a nice Bench and it also features one of my favourite Buildings in the Harz: The inconspicuous little Swedish Hut.

That Hut probably is not actually Swedish, but it is Red, and that is why I call it that Way. I also have no specific Reason that I like it, other than that it is Red and thus produces a really nice Contrast to all those green Trees.

There is also a beautiful Path leading around the Teich, and that definitely also helps it along.

At the Oderteich.

Another Teich I really like has to be the Oderteich. Yes, it is usually overcrowded, and the Parking Lot is usually full, but something always draws me back there.

There are just to many beautiful Places around the Teich. On one Side, there is the Forest and the River. On the other Side, beautiful Walkways lead across the Bog and large Boulders lie at the Shoreline.

The Oderteich is also Home to many dead, Bettle-ridden Trees, but you can also see how Nature is starting to reclaim the Land. It really is fascinating.

And I have not even mentioned the Overflow yet. When there is enough Water in the Teich, that Waterfall is just magnificent.

My Backpack at the Entensumpf.

My last Choice might not be as obvious though. And it definitely was not easy to narrow it down. But I have to say that the Prinzenteich did not make the Cut this Time around. I still love that Place very much, but apparently not enough.

While I have not been in a while, about 3 Months give or take, I really like it to spend Time at the Entensumpf just one Teich over and uphill from the Ziegenberger Teich.

It is very small, but I just like the Feel of that Place. I really have no other Reason to like the Entensumpf, but then again I do not really need one.

Sorry Prinzenteich.

There are many beautiful Teiche in the Oberharz, and there are also quite a few I have yet to Find. For now these three Teiche make up my officially unofficial Top 3 though.

Over the Time, this might Change though. There probably are more Posts like this in my Future, but that is good. Changing what Teiche are my Favourites is inevitable as I continue to Explore around for more.

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