Turning off my Camera

Every digital Camera, no matter what Functions it has, always comes with a Power Button. It really is not that useful, all it does is to turn the Camera ‘On’ or ‘Off’.

My Problem lies within that Function. Off Course it is good to turn a Camera ‘Off’ when it is not being used to safe Battery Life. But when I am out Shooting, I usually try to stay as far away from it as possible.

In the Harz.

I really hate it when I discover that my Camera is not powered ‘On’ when I want to take a beautiful Foto. That is absolutely annoying. Especially when something Special happens that just can not be repeated.

Sometimes, when my Battery is Low, I have no other Choice though. I have switch that Switch to ‘Off’ so that I can shoot anything at all when I want to do it.

I have lost several Opportunities that Way. I really do not like it to lose Foto Ops.

At the Sösetalsperre.

The Problem with not turning ‘Off’ my Camera while I am shooting is that I then sometimes forget to do so when I am done. I usually only notice that on the next Shoot though, when my Batteries are empty.

Usually, I make a habit of bringing Spare Batteries. Sometimes, I forget those at Home though, or they are also not charged. Luckily, that happens rarely.

Maybe I need to become a better Friend to the Power Button. Or maybe not.

2 thoughts on “Turning off my Camera”

  1. You have touched on a design issue here that manufacturers seem to ignore. I have several different cameras, and each one handles on/off in its own way. The Nikon P610 has a separate button on top which lights up when the camera is active. The Canon 1Ds has a separate switch on the back that is too easy to ignore. Any camera with an EVF you will notice is inactive because the screen is blank. A true SLR however … you can be unpleasantly surprised. I like my Canon T100 the best as the power is controlled by the PASM dial and you really know if it’s on or off when you set it. It is unfortunately easy to leave turned on, though. Most cameras have some sort of automatic power-off setting which can be varied in menu settings.
    What I’d really like to see is wireless recharging like some cell phones have. Thus we could just set the camera down on its pad when not in use and know that it will be charged when we grab it the next time. I too have had that sinking feeling when the “low battery” warning comes up and the photo shoot must end. Too bad they don’t have “reserve fuel” like the old cars had: I am remembering a certain 1958 VW bus with a knob to be pulled when it ran out of gas (no tank gauge) to get access to the last gallon – enough to get you home.
    But no, the makers seem obsessed with adding technology that uses more power instead!

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    1. I totally forgot about that. Most of the Times, the Button/ Switch is also in completely different Positions. On my old Camera, it was to the right of the VF under the Mode Dial. On my current Camera both are to the left. On the Sonys I had it was always just the smallest button. And I usually actually have that Auto Off Setting enabled. I just forgot about that. It also just activates after a Minute or so, so I rarely notice it. Also, it turns the Camera back on whenever something touches the Shutter Button. And that happens to me more than often.


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