Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

I really like Trains. They are awesome. But I do not only like Trains, it also can be a lot of Fun to just watch Life go by in a Train Station, and do some Street Photography at the same Time.

Yesterday, I had to travel through Hamburg for Reasons that I am not going to get into. On my Way North, I only had a few Minutes there, but my on my Way back Home, I had 2.5 Hours to spare.

Shot from the S-Bahn.

Usually, I love it to spend some Time in Hamburg, but this Time around it also felt a little weird. After all, Traveling really is not an Option right now, and even though my Journey had a Purpose, I still kinda enjoyed it.

Hamburg’s Hauptbahnhof usually is very busy, and it still is. There were still way fewer People around than when I visited last back in 2019. There were still a few nice Foto Ops though.

That is what I like about Train Stations: Something is always going on. There is just so much Movement, it does not really get boring.

At the Hauptbahnhof.

The good Thing with Hamburg’s Hauptbahnhof is that it is not just full of Life, but also architecturally Interesting. I just really like that big, arched Roof above the Tracks. It looks awesome.

Right now, there is some Construction going on there, and that really does not look good. Barriers, Machinery and boarded up Areas are just not that beautiful, at least not in a Train Station.

On the other Hand, it did not look that bad either. I am just not sure what to think about that. Maybe the Hauptbahnhof will turn out looking better than before.

Construction going on in Hamburg.

It was exceptionally Cold there yesterday. And I had brought my Winter Coat because it had snowed here in Osterode that morning. That had not yet completely dried off from me walking right into a downpour earlier though.

Wind and slightly damp Clothes really do not make Things any warmer. And I had to wait 2.5 Hours there to catch my Train. Sometimes, the Sparpreis Ticket really is not the right Thing. The Niedersachsen Ticket would not have gotten me to my Destination though.

And somehow, I even liked the Cold. It made me walk around the Station to get a little warmer. That was actually nice.

Train Station People.

I really liked it to spend a little Time in Hamburg yesterday even though it was only at the Hauptbahnhof, and in the S-Bahn for a while. I have missed that.

For now, those few Hours are all I am going to take though. They will have to last me for a while, until Touristy Travelling is allowed again.

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