Becoming a better Photographer

Ever since I can remember, I have liked Photography, even though I really did not take it all to seriously during most of my Teens. Back then, I was an awful Photographer.

Back then, I blamed that partly on my Gear, I never had a good Camera back then, and the one in my iPod Touch was really awful. Composition and Content also were complete Strangers to me though. Now I know better.

Back in Algonquin Park. | mid 2014

Over the Years, I learned more and more about Photography Techniques. I explored how far my Gear could take me, and how far I was willing to take it.

In my Opinion, Gear really does not make a good Photographer. Creativity lives within each and every Photographer, and no Camera can make up for a lack of Skills.

Bad Gear can however be very Limiting. Not being able to change the Settings on a Point and Shoot, or on most Smartphones, makes it harder to actually learn Photography.

I think knowing what Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO do is just as important as having an Eye for the Composition.

A Spanish Light House. | mid 2015

A lot of self-proclaimed Photographers focus to much on Gear. Especially those who just start out with the Hobby can get frustrated quickly when their Fotos do not look like they want them to do.

Becoming a better Photographer does not always start with getting a new Camera. In Fact, it rarely does. Gear does not teach, it just sits there and does whatever it is told to do.

Becoming a better Photographer involves a lot of Work. No Olympic Athlete got to where they are now without some Training, the same is true when it comes to everything else in Life. No one is naturally good at everything.

The Harz from Hattorf. | late 2015

The best way to learn Photography is to go out and do it. Depending on what Style you are after, it can be easier or harder.

Personally, I did not do much in Terms of actually getting better at Photography until I got my first DSLR. Back then, I started out by watching YouTube Videos and then going outside to try out what I just found out.

I very quickly found out that that was not really working for me though. So I started to just shoot and fiddle around with my Settings as I went along.

In the Harz. |mid 2020

For me, that was the best way to get ahead in the Game. I guess I am just a ‘Learning by Doing’ kind of Guy.

How ever everyone learns differently. Getting better at Stuff always requires Patience, and the learning never Stops.

Things Change all the Time. Photographers will have to adapt to new Technologies and Techniques, but that is good. And also very exiting.

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