Getting Lost in the Moment

Usually, I love it to go out to do some Photography and Explore the World one Step at a Time. It is awesome to get to visit such beautiful Places as the Harz. Sometimes though, I completely loose Track of Time when I am out there.

Sometimes, I completely get Lost in the Moment. Luckily, that is no the worst Thing in the World. Except for when People are waiting for you and there is no Cell Service wherever you happen to be.

In the Woods.

Nature fascinates me. It is just awesome how Life thrives and grows in the most awkward Spots. Like when Trees seemingly hold on to nothing but a few Rocks. Or when new ones grow within the dead Forest.

I really love it to watch the leave rustle in the Wind. Hearing the Birds sing always is beautiful, except for maybe when I am trying to sleep in the Morning.

The smell of the Woods is one of the best Things there are for me. But only the real Thing actually does it for me.

Maybe I am going to try out a new Candle I just found out about though. It is made from all natural Ingredients foraged in the Harz. Maybe that Thing will work.

A Graben in the Woods.

Flowing, or better yet rushing Water is another of those Things that just make me linger a little longer. I just love the Sound of it clashing against the Rocks and falling back over itself.

Rushing Water has a real nice calming Effect, just like Rain falling in the Woods, or the Wind coming through the Trees.

Sounds are a big Part of the Forest. They are great. Sadly, my Recording Capabilities are a bit limited. All I have are my Camera and my Phone, and both pick up way to much of the Wind.

Loads of Logs.

The one Thing I never seem to be able to do is to just watch Animals. I sometimes do spot them, but they are usually long gone before I actually notice them.

That is a shame, but I guess I am a little too loud to really stumble upon anything and impatient to just sit around somewhere for a while. Seeing Animals requires both Calm and Patience, and I fear I do not have enough of either.

Luckily, Nature is also really enjoyable without getting Fotos of the Wildlife. It would be nice to shoot some Deer just once though.

At the Teich.

I do love pretty much all Places in Nature. But the one Thing that really gets me to stay is when there is also a Bench with a View.

Such Places always invite to just hang around a little longer. Then, I completely lose track of Time. In other Words, I get completely Lost in the Moment.

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