Wildlife & I

I absolutely love it to spend Time in Nature. It is always nice when I get to do that. The only Thing that could make my Experience even better is if I would actually be patient enough to wait for some Wildlife.

I only ever see Foxes or Deer when I am driving, and that is usually a bad Time to take some Fotos.

A mighty Chipmunk.

Usually, I am definitely not patient enough to actually see some Wildlife. And when I do, it is either long gone once the Camera is ready.

In the few Cases that I am actually quick enough, my Settings are usually all messed up, or it is already way to dark outside.

I really do not like that I am that bad with Wildlife Photography. But to get better, I would need to do more of it. And for that, I would definitely need more Patience.

A Salamander.

Luckily, I am able to enjoy Nature without all that as well. There are so many Things that can make me get Lost in the Moment, and none of those are Animals.

I will always enjoy it to spend Time outdoors, but getting some Wildlife Fotos would definitely add that little something.

I just love Animals to much. They play a big Part in my hatred for Garbage in the Woods. Please pick up after yourselves.

Trash in the Woods.

Nature will always be my Friend, with or without me taking Fotos of Animals. It is just to relaxing to be Outdoors.

Hiking and Finding Teiche and just enjoying the Forest is to big a Part of who I am to change that.

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