One elusive Teich

Pretty much since a few Months, I wanted to visit that one Teich between Clausthal and Zellerfeld. Until today, I was never able to actually get there though. I just could never figure out where to park.

Today then, I took the Bus into Clausthal. I had found a few still valid Tickets and decided to just use them up now before they get lost in some drawer again.

My Bus in Clausthal.

The lucky Coincidence, if you believe in such Things, was that the central Bus Station in Clausthal is just a few hundred Metres from that elusive Teich: The Eulenspiegler Teich.

And I had not even planned to go there Today. All I wanted to do was get a Burger from a Food Truck that is in Clausthal on Mondays.

I also wanted to use up those Bus Tickets I had found in my Desk. So it kinda was a triple-win Situation for me today.

At the Teich.

So, after getting my Lunch for today, I finally got to walk to the Eulenspiegler Teich that had evaded my Grasp for so long. It was built in 1546 by the Way.

I have to say, the Teich itself is nothing special. It was awfully marshy and also did not smell very good, kinda like a Swamp. It really was nothing special.

While I was there, I also found a Parking Lot right below the Dam, so I could have probably visited sooner if it had not been for all the Snow we had.

A little Snow.

Luckily most of the Snow, even the bit that came down last Weekend, was already gone today. I have to say that I am definitely ready for Springtime to hit. There was a light Flurry going on today though.

That recent Snow showed in between the Trees and on the Path. It was really muddy. The Graben next to the Teich was also quite full.

I had brought my Hiking Boots though, so that was alright. Muddy Paths will never become my favourite though. They are just to nasty for that.

The Mining Feldbahn.

The Eulenspiegler Teich was not the only Mining related Thing that I got to see today though.

There is also the old Feldbahn leading down to the Ottiliae Schacht. People can also ride that Train for 7.00 € from May to October, when the Situation actually allows that.

I would really love it to ride the Feldbahn once though. Since I just found out about it today, I was never able to do so.

A little bit of Track.

Taking the Bus into Clausthal today was different. It is never that easy to get up into the Harz using public Transportation, mostly because Busses stop early in the evening and there are no Trains at all, except for the HSB and that little Museum Train.

I am really happy that I got to strike the Eulenspiegler Teich off my List today though. And my Food Truck Lunch was also very much delicious.

Even though it snowed a little in between, I had a really good Time in Clausthal. It was great.

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