Busses in the Harz

Yesterday, I took a Bus up to Clausthal because I had found some still valid Tickets in my Desk. I did not want to let those go to Waste, and so I decided to use them.

This Time around, it actually went well. I was at the Bus Station right when the Busses I had to take were Scheduled. But that is not always the Case. In Fact, it usually is not.

A Bus in Clausthal.

Most Busses here run on one Hour intervals , which is fair. And when travelling between Towns and Cities, the System actually works quite well.

But when your Location is anywhere off the beaten Path, you are straight out of Luck. Sometimes, it even might seem like there is a Bus Stop around when there is not.

In some Cases, Stops have not been served since almost 10 Years or more, but the Bus Sign is still there. And that is actually my biggest Problem with Public Transportation in the Harz.

One disused Bus Station.

In between, there was a Trial Phase going on for something called the ‘EcoBus’. You could actually take that Thing everywhere, except for within those Towns with their own Bus System.

It also cost just the same that a regular Bus Fare would have. There sometimes were mayor Waiting Periods involved, but only when you where way out in the Woods.

Since it was a just a Trial, only a few Vehicles ever participated, most of the Sprinter Variety. The EcoBus was actually well used, but like anything that is pretty much just a Mobility Study, it had to come to an End, which it did.

Sadly, there has not been a Replacement in Sight so far. And the Program ended in early 2019 after running for just 6 1/2 Months.

An EcoBus at Night.

Usually, I think Public Transportation is great. It takes People out of their Cars and thus off the Streets, and that lowers overall Emissions. But to have a good System, it needs to be used more, and I do not really see that happening.

People here like their Cars and the flexibility that comes with those Things. And I get it. Usually, I would not even Think of taking the Bus in the Harz. It just could not get me to where I usually go. Far away from any Bus Stops that are actually in Service.

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