Next to the Prinzenteich

I have always liked it to spend some Time at the Prinzenteich, and so I did just that today. But that is not what this is about.

After I left the Prinzenteich, I did not yet want to go Home. And so I decided to visit the one other Teich in the Innerstetal that I had not found yet: The Haderbacher Teich.

At the Teich.

The Haderbacher Teich was built back some Time before 1693 and was used to provide Hydraulic Power for Ore Processing Facilities down in the Innerstetal. Off Course it has long lost its former Purpose.

Nowadays, it is mostly used for Fishing. Locals also use swim it it, but I have never done that.

Since 1978, the Haderbacher Teich is a protected Historic Site, and since 2010 it is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that encompasses most of the Oberharzer Wasserregal and some other Things like the Rammelsberg Mines in Goslar.

The Overflow.

To get there, I re-parked the Car and then headed up into the Woods from a small Camp Ground/ Hippie Commune/ whatever it actually is.

From there, my Journey was very short and uneventful. That is when I decided to just follow another Path that I knew would make my Walk considerably longer.

What I did not know is that my Journey would take me back towards, and actually along, the other Side of the Prinzenteich.

Along a Graben.

On the Way from the Haderbacher Teich to the Prinzenteich, I came along one long, empty Graben.

After some Research, I then found out that that Graben I had walked along once was called the ‘unterer Rosenhöfer Kunstgraben’. Apparently, it was built around 1650 and fell out of use sometime since then.

The Graben is still very much clearly visible in the Woods though, and the Maintenance Path along it is in very good Walking Condition.

At the Prinzenteich.

After a while, I then arrived at the back at the Prinzenteich. Previously m I only ever visited it on the other Side, and so I did not know that the Teich actually has two Overflows, or Ausfluten.

Today, both of them were going strong, letting a lot of Water flowing out of the Prinzenteich. I always like it to sea and hear some nice, rushing Water.

I did not linger at that Ausflut for all to long today though. There were to many People around.

Rushing Water.

From the Prinzenteich, my Path back to the Car pretty much just lead me downhill along a major Forestry Road. While I was sitting at the Prinzenteich, there were actually quite a few Cars going down that Road.

Luckily, they were all gone by the Time I had to walk along there. Some People here in the Harz just drive like Maniacs.

And when I am in the Woods, I do not want to have to look out for Cars all the Time.

Some Snow in the Woods.

Today, it actually started snowing a little while I was at the Teich. I also found a few small Patches of the White Stuff in between the Trees and deep in the Woods.

Right now, I really feel like I am done with Snow for this Winter. I am definitely ready for some Springtime Action. That would be nice right now.

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