On Top of a Klippe

Yesterday, I found a Teich in the Innerstetal. That was all fun and good, butI wanted to do something different today. So I decided to go up into the Harz again in Search of the Hammersteinklippe.

I had seen that Place by Chance on Komoot, and I just had to go there to see it for myself.

At the Stieglitzeck.

To get to the Klippe, I drove up to the Stieglitzeck and then headed down into the Woods. There, it was still extremely Snowy. And where there was no Snow, it was very Muddy.

The Path there was also extremely Steep. But I really loved it to walk through the Woods. That was actually very enjoyable.

Along the Way, I also took a few Fotos of my new Pocket Tool that finally arrived today. It should have done so last Wednesday.

A Way-Marker and a Warning Sign.

After a while of going Downhill, I then arrived at the Hammersteinklippe. It had only been 800 Metres or so, but I also conquered quite a height Difference.

Around the Klippe, the Ground was very Stoney, and also a bit slippery. I made it on to the Viewpoint without any Problems though. Today, my Fear of Heights kicked in then, and I was unable to continue onto the actual Klippe.

From there, the View was very much awesome. I am pretty sure I was able to actually see a bit of Osterode.

The actual Klippe.

From the Klippe, I was able to see more Trees then I would ever be willing to count. I saw the Snow Covered Woods all around the Place.

I even was able to see the Sösetalsperre. The River that goes into there supposedly has its Spring right around the Hammersteinklippe at the Sösestein, but that Path is Steep, and I did not want to go down there in the Snow.

Knowing me, that would not have ended nicely.

The Sösetalsperre in the Distance.

After spending some Time on Top of the Hammersteinklippe, I then realized that I had been Caught up in the Moment once again. It was getting late, and I still had to be Home at a certain Time.

I really did not want to leave that Place, as that View was truly Breathtaking, but I had to. So I started to make my Way back to the Stieglitzeck along an even Snowier and even Muddier Path.

On the Way back, I actually almost landed in a big, probably freezing Cold, Mud Puddle. Luckily, I was able to avoid that just by a bit. I know how it feels to land in one, it is no Fun at all.

My Journey back to the Car was really quite short again, but because of the Conditions it took me a little longer than it should have. After arriving back at the Car, safe and sound, I then came past the only other Hikers I had seen all Day.

They had come from the Direction of the Hanzkühnenburg, got into their Car and left. And after putting my empty Limmo Bottle back into the Trunk, I did the same.

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