Changing Perspectives

Photography is great, but it is never good to do the same for too long. Sometimes, Things just have to Change a little to Evolve.

Usually, I never really used Perspective to make my Fotos look different. I used to always shoot at Eye-Level, mostly because it is easier to do so. Shooting that Way is also quite boring though.

Near the Hammersteinklippe.

So, over these past few Days, I have been trying to change Perspectives every now and then. Sure, I still did some Eye-Level Work, but luckily my Camera has a nice flippy Screen.

With the help of that Feature, I was able to get closer to the Ground or farther up above my Head. If I ever get a different Camera, it definitely has to have a high Quality, articulated Screen. That really makes Things way easier.

I have to say, I kinda prefer low-level Shots, kinda like a Child’s Perspective. It just makes the Things I tend to shoot look more Grand. Especially Trees and Undergrowth look way better from down low.

At the Prinzenteich.

Getting down low was actually a lot of Fun, but I also wanted to try some more Techniques. Like shooting from way above my Head. I am not that tall though, so I really was not able to achieve the greatest heights.

Shooting from above also felt a little odd to me. The Results a good, but I am also not that happy with them. I do not know why, but shooting Things from a higher Perspective only starts to look good at real Heights in my Opinion.

Like when you are shooting from a Helicopter, or even down from a Cliff or some Tower. Just above my Head, at about 2 Meters maximum, just does not really do it for me.

Shooting down from the Klippe.

Shooting straight ahead can also look good, do not get me wrong. But it is also kinda lazy not to change Perspectives every now and then. Especially since modern Cameras make it really easy to do so.

With Mirrorless Cameras, you do not even loose anything. The AF is the same, and all your shooting Information is right there at your Fingertips. It is awesome to see what Technology can enable us to do. Or at least what it can make slightly easier.

After some experimentation, I can definitely say that changing Perspectives is not only necessary and quite easy. It is also a lot of Fun to spruce Things up every now and then.

Some fallen Trees at the Prinzenteich.

Shooting from a low Angle is awesome, but I feel like I really need some Assistance, like a tall Building, to shoot from up high and also get a good looking Foto out of it. A nice Cliff definitely can also do the Job.

The most important Lesson is that every Photographer should do what works for them though. After all, Photography is an Artform before anything else. Except for when you are a Photojournalist.

I definitely had a lot of Fun changing Perspectives over these past few Days though. I am definitely going to continue that in the Future.

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