Along the Graben

It is not that have have not been at the Nassenwieser Teich before, but it always was Snowy when I visited that Place. And since the Weather was quite alright today, I decided to just go there. I also had no Idea what else I could do today.

There was nothing except for my Desire to go Outside before it would start to Rain.

At the Nassenwieser Graben.

Today, I did something different though. I did not park right next to the Nassenwieser Teich, but closer to the Campground in the Area.

After parking pretty much halfway between the Teich and that Campground, I started my Journey there along the appropriately named Nassenwieser Graben that once carried Water from the Teich down towards the Bärenbrucher Teich near Buntenbock, but also towards the Pfauenteiche in Clausthal.

The Graben was completely empty today though, despite the Teich actually being filled almost to the Top.

Down below the Dam.

After a while, I then arrived at the Bottom of the Dam at the Nassenwieser Teich. From there, I could have gone up to the Teich, but I decided to first walk along the Foot of that Dam first.

It was a good Choice. That Path was actually really nice to walk on. I was also able to avoid a few Dog Walkers on Top of the Dam.

Down there, I also had a few nice Foto Ops, and I am sure more would have turned out if I had not accidentally set my Camera to overexpose by a hole Stop. That was really stupid of me.

The empty Kehrzuggraben.

Before climbing the Dam on the other Side of the Teich, I then had to traverse the also empty Kehrzuggraben. That was actually super easy, as there was a flat Spot in it right at the Path.

On Top of the Dam, I then realized that the Nassenwieser Teich was actually very Full this Time around. Its Water almost reached the Top of the Dam. I guess there is enough outflow through the Innerste though, so everything seems to be good.

I just never had seen such a full Teich before. It does look kinda odd. But I also liked it.

The full Teich.

After walking across the Dam, I again had two Choices. I could either make my Way back to the Car along the Road, or I could go back along the Nassenwieser Graben.

I decided on the latter, and after climbing down the Dam started my Journey back. It was only a 600 Meter Walk, but I really liked it.

The Nassenwieser Graben, despite being completely empty today, actually is quite beautiful. It is also a fascinating Piece of old-timey Engineering. Miners and Monks built most of the Oberharzer Wasserregal by Hand after all.

The Graben from the Teich.

Today, my short Walk only took me about half an Hour. That was kinda lucky though, as it started to really look like Rain. That would be no Problem, if my Windshield Wipers would actually work. The Spare Part is on its Way though.

Despite my Time at the Teich being really short today, it was also really great. I will always love it to spend Time outdoors in the Harz. Sometimes, I even like that when it actually does Rain.

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