A new Tool

It is no secret. I believe that Pocket Knives, or smaller Knives in general, are great Tools that every Explorer should have.

Knives are great to cut up Food, but also to do a lot of basic Tasks. Like cutting Lengths of Rope. Or for Feathersticking, in order to light a Campfire. (Only do that where it is actually allowed.)

One of my Knives.

While I like all useful Knives, I actually prefer those that are on the smaller Side of Things. Short Blades are more Handy, and they can do pretty much everything I need them to do.

I just have no use for those big Blades People tend to carry around. Space in my Backpack is valuable, and so I prefer it to pack light.

Since a while, I had my Eyes on a new Addition to my small but growing ‘Collection’: The CRKT Minimalist. Apparently, it is pretty much an EDC Staple. It also was a little cheaper on Amazon just the other Day, selling for around 20€, if Memory serves me well.

In its Sheath.

Last Friday, my Package finally arrived then. It should have been there on Wednesday though, but it arrived and all is well.

Usually, the CRKT Minimalist would be considered a Neck-Knife, but I doubt I will ever use it as such. The Lanyard that came with it sits in its Box, and I connected an old Keychain to put it on my Backpacks internal Key Holder. I also used the Belt-Clip for that.

Also, the Knife comes in many Blade-Styles, but I decided on a more traditional Bowie Design. I think that is the most useful Style.

It arrived very sharp out of the Box. The Knife also feels very good in my Hands. And that is also important to me.

My CRKT Minimalist Bowie.

Since it arrived, I have used this brand new Tool, because that is what it is, to open some Mail and to cut up a little Food. I also did the quintessential Knife-Task with it: I peeled an Apple.

As long as you know how to actually use a Knife, it is one of the best Tools you can have as a Hiker/ Explorer. Be careful though, they actually do bite from Tome to Time. So maybe also bring some Band-Aids. Those are very useful as well.

*I have no Affiliation with either Amazon nor CRKT

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