Finding new Places

For pretty much all of my Life, the Harz was pretty much right in my Backyard. I just found out something that I have also known all the Time though: It really does not mean much to live here when it comes to Exploring.

I still find new Places, some I never even heard of, all the Time. Just last Thursday I heard of the Hammersteinklippe. I visited that Place on Friday and noticed that I have been driving past it a several Times.

The Klippe.

A while ago, when Winter started here in the Harz, I even entered the Path that leads down to the Klippe from Stieglitzeck to do some Photography there. Still, I was completely Clueless.

And I was not even that far off, maybe about 400 Metres. There was no Sign at that Path, and I have not checked at the other, but there definitely should be.

The Hammersteinklippe is extremely beautiful after all. It fears some of the best Views in the Area, even better than at the nearby Magdeburger Hütte.

Said Path in the Wintertime.

Here in the Harz, I probably drive past several picturesque Places pretty much on a daily Basis without even noticing. That actually kinda bugs me right now.

When I am out Hiking, I usually use an App called Komoot to Plan and Record my Journeys. That Way, I have already found several beautiful Places that I never knew of before.

I am going to use the Hammersteinklippe as an Example once more her: It was actually recommended to me for a Weekend Hike on Komoot.

Such Apps only Work because there is an active Community within them though, so I am also trying to Contribute nice Places from Time to Time. That is actually quite a bit of Fun.

At the Prinzenteich.

On other Occasions, I tend to Find new Places purely by Chance. Like when I visited the Haderbacher Teich last Week and continued on to the Prinzenteich afterwards.

I had been on the one Side of the Prinzenteich before, and I had known that there is a second Ausflut there. I had always thought it to be completely covered up though. It is not.

Admittedly, I still prefer my usual Side of the Prinzenteich, but the other one is not too bad either.

The Polstertaler Teich.

There are probably still a lot of Places in the Harz left for me to Discover, and that is actually the beauty of it. No matter how many Trees I have seen, or how many Teiche I have Found, there always will be more.

I highly doubt I will ever find them all. That is just impossible. And even if I did, those Places do change over Time.

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