I really love it to spend Time in Nature. It is a huge Part of who I am. Sadly, there are also a lot of People who do not seem to Care as much. And it is not only Climate Change that is an Issue, even though it definitely is a big one.

Whenever I go out in the Harz to Explore, or just to have a good Time, I tend to find carelessly tossed Garbage everywhere. That always gets me.

Earth Day is about treating our Planet better, and we only can do that together.

Today at the Teich.

Today was a little unusual, as in that I did not find any Trash along my Path to the Ziegenberger Teich just out of Buntenbock. That is one of my favourite Teiche in the Harz by the Way.

That might have also been because of the Wind though. She was blowing strong at the Teich.

Being out there also reminded me how much I really love Nature though. And it is even more than I had previously known. Nature really is the absolute best.

Everyone should be able to enjoy it.

The Swedish Cabin.

Lately, I also noticed a lot of cold Fire Pits in the Harz. That would not be much of a Problem if those Fires would have been lit at actual, officially sanctioned Fire Places.

Here in Germany, and especially in Niedersachsen where I live, it is absolutely forbidden to light Fires in the Forest from March to October. Doing so can cost a hefty Fine of up to 5000€. And that is only if nothing happens. (Laws are different in each Bundesland.)

Should a simple little Campfire actually lead to a Wildfire, that Fine can simply turn into a Prison Sentence of up to 10 Years. And it does not matter if you did not know the Law or if your Fire got out of Hand accidentally.

Especially when the Ground is dry, People should use some Common Sense and just not light any Fires.

At the Sumpfteich.

Treating Nature, and with that our Earth, with Respect should be easy. Just take your Trash back Home with you, and also try to produce less of it. Our Oceans are full of Plastic and that really is not good. It also comes back to us through the Food Chain.

Not lighting Fires just anywhere should be Common Sense by now. It is not only Dangerous, but potentially Pricey. It also has the potential of ruining beautiful Places in Nature for everyone.

We can only save this World together. Even if everyone only does a small Part, it actually helps. I believe that is what Earth Day is all about, in the End.

In Buntenbock.

Today, I had a great Time in Nature. I would really like it to be that Way every single Time. But I am usually always finding some Trash, or other Things that kinda make me mad.

Earth is kinda our Mother, and I doubt People would treat their Parents like they treat Nature Sometimes.

We need to treat Nature better, together. It is the only Way to keep it enjoyable for all the Generations to come. I would really like that.

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