Automatic Photography

I love Photography a lot, and over the Time, I think I actually learned one Thing or another. I still rarely ever touch Manual Mode. Having to set up everything myself when it comes to how I Expose my Fotos is just a that I am not very good at.

Off Course I also do not use those fully Automatic Modes, they dumb down the Experience way to much. Usually, my Camera just chucks along happily in Aperture Priority. That Way, I still have pretty much full Control, but I also do not need to worry too much.

Heavy Machinery in the Harz.

In Aperture Priority, all I have to set is my Aperture. That actually defines the look of a Foto way more than most other Settings in my Opinion, as it dictates how much of a Scene is in Focus.

If I wanted to, I could also change my ISO. Auto ISO works so good though, I rarely ever do that. The ISO Dial on my Camera right now changes Focus Modes and only does ISO when I push a Button to change its Functionality.

My Camera chooses its Shutter Speed, and usually goes up in ISO way before it lowers that below 1/60 Seconds. I have no Idea why it is set up that Way, and I also can not change that. Maybe that depends on the Lens that I am using.

Off Course that is different when the Auto ISO Levels I have set up are reached. Then it goes down with the Shutter Speed.

At the Eisenquelle yesterday.

Off Course Shutter Speed is also an important Setting, but more so when it comes to moving Subjects like Waterfalls or Race Cars. When I need to, I have no Trouble switching to Shutter Priority, or even Manual when it has to be.

But usually, I am doing well with the Shutter Speed my Camera chose. It is rarely too low, and never too high. Especially when it comes to Water, 1/50 to 1/80 Seconds is my favourite Setting anyhow.

I like it to blur the Water a little. But when the Shutter Speed is too low and Waterfalls turn into Silk Veils, it is just to much for my Taste. Water should still look like Water and show off its vigour in Fotos.

At the Dammgraben.

Usually, I am quite happy with how my Camera Exposes my Fotos. Since I always shoot in RAW, it is also not the biggest Problem to change my Exposure in Post.

Depth of Field however is much harder to Fake. That is another Reason why I prefer to just go along using Aperture Priority.

Most of the Time, it works very well for me.

4 thoughts on “Automatic Photography”

  1. Camera programming is ‘reluctant’ to drop shutter speed below 1/60 because speeds slower than that are more apt to blur the picture, which is something we try to avoid. In fact one manual ‘rule of thumb’ is to set shutter speed to 1/focal length to avoid blur. Consider that a ‘normal’ lens is 50mm on a full-frame camera and somewhat wider on crop sensor and you see that 1/60 becomes a good speed to avoid blur while maximizing light. Likewise raising ISO is not the first step the programming takes because increasing that increases image ‘noise’.
    Yes there is some sense behind the seemingly random setting selections your camera makes!

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    1. The Noise Thing definitely makes Sense. That whole 1/60 Story does not really factor in Image Stabilization though. And whenever I shot with my lost 50, the Camera did not go below 1/80 because of Canons 1.6x Crop.
      Also knew the 1/Focal Length Rule. Still does not go below the Magic Mark even with my 10mm (16mm equivalent) Lens.
      The rest definitely makes Sense though. Appreciate the Advice.


      1. I can give you the general plan behind the programming, but not specific to any given camera. Somewhere in the company someone decided on the parameters, and presumably they tested them to be sure they achieved the results they were after. Some cameras let you adjust the programmed settings up/down along the selected range. The more complex ones try to figure out what you are taking a pictures of, then adjust settings according to preselected criteria specific to that ‘scene’. How successful any of this is depends on numerous factors, and they don’t always get it right!

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