Back at the Dammgraben

Last Saturday, I visited the Eisenquelle at the Dammgraben and was a little underwhelmed by it. The Graben itself was beautiful, but the Quelle was very tiny and disappointing.

Today then I decided to visit the Dammgraben again. That Thing is just about 15 kilometres long after all, so there are bound to be many beautiful Places along the Graben.

The Sperberhaier Damm

This Time around, I started my Journey at the Sperberhaier Damm that takes the Dammgraben across a great big Ditch in the Landscape. That Aqueduct is also where the Name ‘Dammgraben’ comes from.

After all, it is a Graben that runs across a Dam for about 2 kilometres of its Length.

There is a Café at one end of the Dam, but that is obviously closed right now. When they have opened though, their Cake is truly fabulous.

Because of that, I headed into the other Direction today though and did not actually cross the Sperberhaier Damm. Maybe I will do that one Day though, when I can have Cake at the End.

The Dammgraben.

From the End of the Sperberhaier Damm, where I also had parked, I then headed into the Woods along the Dammgraben. I have been there before to do some Photography for the Forest Stonks Project last August, but back then I did not go all to far.

I had found out that there is a nice little Loop a bit further into the Forest where the Dammgraben pretty much splits into two and continues on in an Underground Wasserlauf.

Of Course, I had to get there first. And as usually, the Journey mattered way more than my Destination. The Area around the Dammgraben that I visited today is absolutely beautiful.

Along the Way.

After a while, Walking always takes me a bit longer because of my Photography, and lately also because I do a little Video along the Way, I then arrived at the Split in the Dammgraben.

There, one Part disappeared underground, and the other Part continued on along that aforementioned Loop. That Part was empty and dry though. I believe it is cut off during the Wintertime, or maybe even always.

The Graben was still clearly visible besides the Path though. I guess such old Things will always leave some kind of Mark in the Landscape.

Along the empty Graben.

Since the Path that I was on followed a Loop, I soon arrived back at the water-filled Section of the Dammgraben.

Before, there had been several Hikers at a Rest Area there, but now it was deserted and I was able to actually take the Fotos I had envisioned early. That was kinda nice.

Of Course everyone should be able to enjoy Nature, but I prefer it to give People their Privacy. They were also talking quite loudly, so Video was pretty much out of the Question on my Journey in.

That Place was really beautiful though, and I really wish that I had brought a little Snack to just sit there and enjoy the Woods and their Smell for a while.

The Rest Area.

From there, I then headed back towards the Sperberhaier Damm along the same Path that I came on for the lack of Alternatives.

That was absolutely no Problem today though, as that Place is, even if I repeat myself, absolutely beautiful. I still find it fascinating how those Miners were able to build all of the Oberharzer Wasserregal back in the Day.

They did not have any of our ‘modern Technology’ after all. But they still got it done within a reasonable Time. And that does not seem to be possible anymore nowadays.

A Hochsitz in the Woods.

Today, the Harz smelled really awesome. I just love it when the Trees start to come through and mix their Scent with everything else in the Woods. That is just so nice and relaxing.

I still can not Wait until the Spruce Tips start to sprout so that I can collect a few to make a really nice, foresty Syrup from them. That should be tasty.

Until then, I will just continue to Explore the Harz and keep my Eye out for them.

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