The Smell of the Woods

These past few Days, it has been getting really Warm here in the Harz. I actually like that quite a bit. While that obviously means that I have got sweatier Hikes ahead of me, it also means that the Forest smells again.

The Warmth tends to draw out all those essential Oils from the Trees, mostly Spruces. The Harz is full of those after all.

Along the Dammgraben.

I really love the Smell of the Woods. It instantly makes me Happy as soon as it finds my Nose and fills me up with its Presence.

There are many other Things contributing to that typical Harz Aroma. Like Ferns and all kinds of wild Herbs and Flowers. It is especially nice during the Spring Time, when everything starts to come to Live.

I was never able to find anything that would recreate it, not even Pine Cones collected from the Forest Floor. Those do smell very good though, especially when warmed up a little.

A lot of Spruce Trees.

The beginning of Spring also marks the return of all the Birds from their Winter Quarters. I just love it to hear them Sing in the Woods.

That, combined with that special Aroma, is one of the main Reasons why I absolutely love it to spend Time in the Woods. Of Course, the Birds are not the only Sound Makers in Nature though.

There is the rustle of the Wind when it goes through the Trees, or the babbling of Water flowing its Path. There is nothing I like more than the Vigour of a nice Waterfall. It is one of the best Sounds there is.

Near the Sperberhaier Damm yesterday.

The Atmosphere of the Woods is defined by its Sounds and Smells. It can not exist without any one of the two. While the Smells definitely get very subdued during the Wintertime, I doubt that they ever fully disappear.

During the Springtime, that Smell is especially pungent though. It also is not yet to warm to fully enjoy Nature. While my favourite Season will always be Autumn, Spring definitely comes close.

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