Another Graben, another Klippe

I have always liked it to walk alongside all the Gräben here in the Harz. There a many of them, and pretty much every single one has a Path right next it.

Once, those Paths were all built for Maintenance, but I digress.

After having explored along the Dammgraben a lot these past few Days, I decided to change my Game a little.

Near Dammhaus again.

So today, I walked along the Morgenbrodstaler Graben. That one carries Water from the Söse into the Dammgraben and was constructed around 1715.

Because of that, the easiest Way to get to that Graben is to get to Dammhaus, where the two merge, and then just head into the Woods. That is all there is to do. There are many Signs pointing the Way.

Despite that, I never actually visited the Morgenbrodstaler Graben before. And that is regrettable. The Place is quite beautiful after all. I know I say that often, and I might even be slightly biased, but I just love the Harz.

I guess I will always find it beautiful.

Along the Mountainside.

After a while of walking through the Woods, they suddenly began to gave way to sheer Mountain Slopes. The Trees there were probably cut down a while ago, because of the Bark Beetle. But that is just a guess.

From that Part of the Graben, the Views were magnificent. I could see far and wide, all the Way to the other Side of the Sösetal. But at some Points my Fear of Heights kicked in.

That can really be annoying sometimes, but usually I am good. I think I have that pretty much under Control.

Water in the Graben.

Despite the Morgenbrodstaler Graben being quite full today, the Path besides it felt bone dry as I walked along it.

The Woodsy Smells were still there, and they were awesome as always, but there also was something else in the Air. I have no Idea what it is, but I guess I just did not like that dryness in the Air.

It is supposed to rain this Weekend though, so maybe that will Change. Who knows. That would be nice though.

The Siebenwochenklippe.

After a while of walking along the Graben I then arrived at the Siebenwochenklippe. That Place was beautiful, but today my Fear of Heights kept me from going down to the actual Klippe.

The Path there was steep and narrow, and as most Klippen have it, there is quite a Drop at the Side of it. Today, that Spot was particularly bad.

I still enjoyed the little Bench on Top of that Klippe though. It was nice and the Views were still great. As long as I would not look down.

On my Way back.

After lingering on that Bench for a while, and after realizing that I probably would not make it all the Way to the Morgenbrodshütte today, I then made my Way back to Dammhaus.

I have to admit that I enjoyed that Part of my Walk today a bit more. The Mountain was on my Right, and somehow that was much better. Stupid Fear of Heights.

After a while, I the arrived back in the Woods, and that was nice. The Smell there was much nicer, and I could hear the Birds sing much more clearly.

Water flowing out of the Graben.

Right now, Water from the Morgenbrodstaler Graben did not seem to actually flow all the Way to the Dammgraben. There was a Weir along the Way, and loads of the good Stuff were flowing out of the Graben there.

My best guess is that that Water was flowing back down to the Söse after taking a Detour through the Graben. That River flows down in The Valley after all, and there was a Sign asking to protect the Drinking Water there.

I also really liked the little Waterfall that was created by the Weir though. That was really nice, but I am also heavily biased towards rushing Water.

In the Woods.

Today, I once again had a great Time at one of the many Oberharzer Gräben. Maybe I will even walk all the Way to the Morgenbrodshütte one Day to collect the Wandernadel Stempel there. I did not have my Wanderpass with me anyways.

I guess it will be a while until I do that though. Visiting the same Place within a short Time just is not my Style.

Collecting a new Stempel would be really nice though. So maybe I will actually break my Rules for that.

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