Stairs in the Woods

I just love it to walk around the Woods exploring. It is always awesome to just spend some Time in Nature. Usually, I would walk along Paths or in some Cases even Forestry Roads. That is always nice.

Usually, any kinds of elevation Changes would be navigated by just walking up and down the Hills. Sometimes though, there are Stairs. I guess those are put where the Terrain is to steep for a normal Path.

One Staircase at the Oderteich.

While I really do not care for those Stairs as a navigational Aid, they do make for some nice Foto Ops. Stairs just stand out in the middle of the usual Vegetation.

Not a lot of Things in Nature have straight Angles and symmetrical Lines. Those Things just are not all too natural. That is also a Part of why I like them so much in my Fotos.

The Thing about Stairs is that they do not need to have an obvious Destination. Their surroundings matter way more than where they actually go for me to take Fotos of them.

Stairs in Festenburg.

Some Stairs are made of Stone, while others were built from Metal or Wood. There are even a few that are made from Dirt that is just held up by some wooden Rungs.

Personally, I prefer those made from Wood. Metal and Stone get slippery when they are wet, but Wood actually gets a bit more grippy. I like that.

Wooden Stairs also look much better in Landscapes. And that is the most important Part for me.

My favourite Stairs at the Oderteich.

Stairs in the Woods are a rare Sight here in the Harz, but they are a welcome one at that. While they definitely do make Navigation easier, I really do not care much about that Aspect.

Photography is a big Part of what I am about when I am in the Woods. And those massive Staircases look really good in the Landscape.

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