More of Beni

Ever since I found it in a Pile of old Legos a while ago, my old Stormtrooper Keychain hangs on my Backpack and goes with me pretty much everywhere. Because of that, I even gave it a Name: It is Beni the Stormtrooper.

Sometimes, I really enjoy it to take some Fotos of that little Stormtrooper. And since today is Star Wars Day, I decided to just do a new Post featuring some of my Fotos.

Beni at the Prinzenteich.

A while ago, I found the Haderbacher Teich deep in the Innerstetal near Buntenbock. Before I did that though, I spend some Time having Lunch at the Prinzenteich.

There, I also had the sudden Urge to get out Be I and take some Fotos of them. It was actually a lot of Fun doing that, but I had forgotten to remove the Keyring at the first Location I tried.

That was very much annoying. Luckily, I know enough about Photoshop to remove such Things with relative ease. I prefer to get that right before shooting though.

Also at the Teich.

Posing that little Stormtrooper and taking Fotos of it is always a Thing that I tend to enjoy. I also do not do it that often. Better said: I only do it when I see a Scene that I believe might fit.

Usually, that involves some Plants, Roots or Rocks that make it look like a little bit of a Star Wars World like Kashyyyk, the Wookie Planet. Or maybe Endor.

A little bit of Imagination is definitely required. Otherwise, non of my little Scenes actually Work.

The only Problem with Beni is that they only know one Pose. And it is a slightly imposing one. But hey, Stormtroopers are the supposed Baddies after all.

Beni in a dead Tree Stump.

Yesterday then, while on my Way back to the Car from the very much hidden Kreuzbacher Teich that I had just found, I then saw yet another Opportunity. There was a dead Tree Stump with all kinds of wrinkles. It looked awesome.

The Wood also made for a very nice Contrast with the white Stormtrooper Armour. I really liked that.

While shooting Beni at that Place, they also took a Dive into the Shrubbery though. I was lucky to find them again. I was also lucky that there were no Thorns.

More of Beni and the Tree Stump.

Doing some Photography with Beni the Stormtrooper is always a lot of fun when I actually do it. While they always hang out on my Backpack , I just do not think about it all the Time.

And when I do, I sometimes struggle to find the right Scene. That really has to fit, after all. Or at least it has to spur my Creativity. That is the most important Part.

May the Force be with you, always.

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