Details in Nature

Usually, I tend to photograph grander Scenes. Like a Path disappearing into the Woods, or a Teich in the middle of the Forest. Usually, I really do like that kind f Photography.

Sometimes, true Beauty lies in the smaller details though. It is important to always walk through Nature with your Eyes wide open. Otherwise, you will miss a lot of Things.

Roots at the Oderteich.

Sometimes, you have to look down just to find your Path and to not fall down. At other Times, Nature presents itself truly beautiful at the bottom of your Feet though.

Like for example at the Oderteich. There are so many Roots there that it can be tricky to navigate around them. But they also display awesome Patterns of Dirt and Grass, Water and Wood.

I really like it to include those intricate Root-Networks in my Photography every now and then. Sometimes, it can be really rewarding to just look down being out in the Wilderness.

A little Mushroom.

Tall Trees are awesome and all, but the little Things in Life are also very beautiful. Like this tiny Mushroom I found at, I believe, the Flambacher Teiche.

To find such little Things, it is imperative to look around in the Scene. Paying Attention to one’s Surroundings is always important. And sometimes, a nice Foto Op might present itself right under your Nose.

It is my firm Believe that Nature likes to play those Tricks on us to see if we truly appreciate it. Only those who get it see the little Things as equals to the bigger Scenes.

A Tree on a Tree Stump.

If I would not have had my Eyes peeled and my Creativity pumping, I would have never found the most awesome Tree Stump on my Way back to the Car from the Kreuzbacher Teich on Monday.

On my Way there, I had not seen it, but later on it presented itself in all its Glory. There was a beautiful dead Tree Stump. And alone that would not have been anything Special.

There are dead Tree Stumps pretty much anywhere in the Harz. This one however was Different. After all, there was a little whittle Tree growing out of it. I doubt that will last too long, but it definitely looked Splendid.

Beni the Stormtrooper on the same Tree Stump.

Finding those little Details in Nature always is a lot of Fun. It also makes me appreciate my Surroundings much more than usually. I really do love it to Explore the World through my Camera.

Nature is the best Thing there is on this World, and the little Things are just the Icing on the Cake. And the Icing makes the Cake what it is.

Something nice.

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