Narrow Trails

I really love it to Hike around in the Harz exploring the Area. These past few Days, that was no real possibility though. It was stormy, and I also did not have that much Time to spare.

When I am out in Nature, I tend to follow some rather strict Principles. I do not litter, I do not destroy and most importantly, I do not leave the official Path whenever it is possible to actually stick to it.

A narrow Path.

Here in the Harz, most Paths are either Forestry Roads, Maintenance Trails along the Gräben, or narrow Trails going through the Woods.

Sometimes, those Trails are not easily distinguishable, but usually they are more or less free of Vegetation. They look pretty much like sandy dirt in most Places, but that is not always the Case.

The only Thing that is for certain is that most of those Trampelpfade are usually quite narrow. I guess that is so they are less drastic cuts in Nature.

At the Entensumpf.

Usually, I really like those narrow Trails. They look good in Fotos as well. The only downside that stands out to me is that you just can not easily walk past other Hikers or avoid oncoming foot traffic.

On any normal Day, that would not be that much of a Problem. I would usually just wait for other Hikers to pass, or they would do the same Thing for me.

Right now, it is definitely advisable to keep a safe Distance to others. That is not always possible on those narrow Trails. Because of that, I really prefer it not to encounter anyone in the Woods recently.

That also spare me the Questions related to my Camera.

Near the Prinzenteich.

Sometimes, those narrow Trails are than also covered in knurly Roots. In that Case, they become harder to Navigate. I really have to look down on those kinds of Paths, most because I once fell over such a Root.

I just do not really like it when I shave to look down all the Time. Even though you really should do that sometimes. There might be some beautifully intricate Details there that you would otherwise miss.

It is definitely easier, and also much nicer, to walk on smooth dirt Tracks. I really do prefer that.

One of my favourite Paths.

Overall, I really do love all those narrow Paths in the Harz. They are much more beautiful than the common Forestry Road, and they also make for way better Fotos.

There is just much more Nature around these Trails. Or at least they are much more inconspicuous. I like that.

I also feel much more connected to my Surroundings when I am walking on the narrtest of dirt Paths. It is really awesome.

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