A new Tripod

It is no Secret that I am really not a Fan of big, full sized Tripods. They are clunky, they are heavy and they get in the Way whenever I use them. Tripods generally do not fit my Style of Photography. That is just the Way it is.

On the other Hand, I have always loved my little Table Top Tripod, and I still do. The Problem is that it does not really hold up anymore though. All I can use it for is as a Light Stand, and I rarely need such a Thing.

Shot using that Tripod.

I had bought that little Thing back in 2016 when I visited Hamburg for the first Time in a While. It was cheap, at around 20€. Back then, I was also quite into doing Time-Lapse Videos with my Phone.

For that Purpose, I needed a Tripod. I already had a big one, but even back then I was no Friends with it. One could say it was my Gear Nemesis.

Ever since then, I was actually kinda in Love with that little whittle Thing though. It was never in the Way, and it also made for a nice Video Grip whenever I needed one.

Deep in the Harz.

As with everything that is kinda Cheap, that Tripod was mostly made of Plastics though, except for the Ball-Head and its Friction Lock.

Over the Years, that System apparently had gotten weaker and weaker. Right now, it is at a Point where it can only hold my Camera upright with my smallest Lens. That would be the lovely Canon 22mm ƒ/2.0.

With anything else attached, the Camera starts to lean down towards the Load, and it does not Stop. The Ball-Head Lockup has gone too soft.

While it still work with more cantered Loads, that is just no Option right now. The Tripod Collar of my Lens-Adapter just can not fit when I am also using my Camera Cage.

At the Dammgraben.

I would still say that those 20€ were Money well spent. After all, that super plasticy Tripod lasted me pretty much 5 Years.

Also, I went with a slightly updated Model of the same Tripod. It has a Screw Lock now, and the Legs are much more flexible. I can even make them Longer if I want to. It will definitely be used.

And the little one will be, as well. After all, it is still good as a Light Stand. Or when I am using a lighter Lens. It is also slightly smaller than the new one. So I will not throw it out just yet.

Shot with the Mini 1.

While I am still not a real Fan of big Tripods, they are starting to grow on me again. Usually, there is no Room to set up one where I shoot. And I do not always bring one along anyways.

They are still heavy, after all. And bulky. Whenever I have to choose between a Tripod and my Water Bottle, I choose Hydration. After all, that is key for all Explorers. Especially since it is getting warmer again.

My new Table Top Tripod already has found its Place in my Backpack though. And it will probably stay there, and be used, until it needs to be replaced. But that probably will not happen for at least another 5 Years.

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