More Res-O-Ramas

A while ago, I started to do some Panorama Photography to get a few really High-Res Fotos. That was a lot of fun, but it also took a lot of Time to Process those. And my Laptop is no slouch.

That is why I stopped doing that again after some Time. Those Fotos also needed quite a bit of Storage Space, even as a JPEG.

Back in the Day.

Today, I just went for it though. I just parked the Car at the Road that leads to the Prinzenteich and did some High-Res Panoramas. It just had to be done.

I did some Things different than the last Time around. Since then, I have learned quite a bit about Photography after all.

As usually, I shot all my singular Fotos vertically. Today, I locked down my Exposure on the first Frame to have a consistent Basis though.

I still had Autofocus on, and that might have caused some minor Shifts, but I noticed that way too late.

At the Road.

Despite that, I think my Fotos actually do look great. I even kinda like some of them. A lot.

Of Course processing still took a long Time, and the Files are obviously still massive. Roughly 9000×6000 Pixels are a huge Number after all. Or for those without a Calculator: 54 Megapixels are a lot.

Now the Question might Arise: Is that Resolution actually necessary? What good does it do? Why am O doing this?


The simple Answer is No. No, such high Resolutions are not really necessary. But they do not have to be. Doing High-Resolution Panoramas is actually a lot of Fun.

It also does not do any good. But it also does not have to. For me, Fun is still the biggest Part of Photography.

Also, I export all of my Fotos at 3000×2000 Pixels, or just 6 Megapixels, since a few Years now. And I never had any Problems with that. Not even when Printing larger Prints.

A Res-O-Rama of the Sösetalsperre.

Doing Res-O-Ramas actually is not all that hard though. You just have to make sure that all your Singular Fotos are well aligned. There also should be a certain Amount of Overlap so that your Editing Software can actually Stich those Fotos together.

I use Lightroom for that, and it is really quite easy. All I have to do is to select the Fotos I want to Merge and than hit ^M on my Keyboard and the Software builds a nice Preview for me.

I can also choose between three different Merge Operations. Those are Spherical, Cylindrical and Perspective. Which one I use depends on which Work, and mostly on how they look. Usually, I go with Cylindrical Merging.

A Non-O-Rama.

A Side-Effect of doing those High-Resolution Panoramas is also that I can Capture a much wider Scene with a longer Focal Length. I also like that.

Since they are huge in File-Size and slow in Processing, I doubt that I will Capture to many of those Res-O-Ramas in the Future.

It is still a lot of Fun though.

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