Monday’s Plans

Last Monday, I visited the Torfhausmoor in the Harz. That had not been my original Plan for the Day though. Those needed to Change after I had hit an unexpected Obstacle.

It had been my Intention to walk around the Oderteich in a counter-clockwise Fashion and take some nice Fotos of the Boardwalk there. Apparently, that just was not meant to happen though.

A Cyclist at the Oderteich.

In the Area around the Oderteich, there are lot of dead and dying Trees. Most of those were presumably killed by the Bark Beetle. Since the Place lies in the Middle of the National Park Harz, those Trees are usually left in Place.

That is a little different at the Oderteich. Since yep the first third of the Teich is also a popular Swimming Hole in the Summer. And People just love it to hang out along the Shoreline those Trees just had to be removed.

And that is what was happening on Monday. And it is probably still going on. Such Things usually take a while to get done.

A dead Tree being cut down.

The Thing about such wood-clearing Operations is that there are literally one of the most dangerous Jobs you can do here in Germany, and probably the World. And the Risk is also elevated for any Hiker wandering through the Area.

Where Trees are falling, Trees are falling after all. Those who work on those Trees might know where their People are, but someone just coming out of the Bushes is nothing they can deal with. Especially when a Tree is already on its Way down.

Because of that, the Hiking Path I would have needed to access was locked of. Since I knew what was going on there, I also did not walk around the Teich in the other Direction, as I would have ended up at the same Spot.

While the Workers might have actually been gone by then, the Trees would have still been lying around. I guess I will complete that Round, for the third Time, another Time.

High Waters at the Oderteich.

Since I initially had no alternative Plan, I decided to just hang out at the Oderteich a little and still do some Photography there. Right now, there is a lot of Water in it after all, and that has not happened in a while.

I have been told that one of the Informational Boards around the Teich that had been replaced after a Storm now stands about 10 Metres from the Shoreline, obviously in the Water. I was unable to verify that for myself though.

I really like it how much Water was in the Teich though. Several of the Trees that are usually in the dry on the Shorelines were actually in the Water, or just at the Edge of it. It looked kinda surreal, but also very beautiful.

In Fact, the Oderteich was so Full, that a lot of Water was actually flowing over the Ausflut. So it was pretty much at Design Capacity.

Tires in the Water.

This Monday, since the Weather was nice, a lot of People seemingly had the same idea I had. And there were actually a few People relaxing at the ‘Beach’ Area and in the Trees at the Dam, opposite to where the Tree Cutting was happening.

I guess that will not happen these next few Days, or maybe even the next Week and a Half. It is supposed to pretty much Rain all the Time, or at least for a few Hours every Day. At least there will be some much needed Water coming for Nature.

I would really love it if the Oderteich would remain nice and Full for at least a while yet. My original Monday Plan still has to be fulfilled after all.

The ‘Roadblock’.

Even though I was unable to walk around the Oderteich last Monday, I still had a great Time at it. Visiting the Torfhausmoor afterwards was one of the best Decisions I had made in a while though.

It was absolutely stunning. That Moor was breathtakingly beautiful, and I still got to take some nice Boardwalk Fotos. It had been a great Day after all.

Bonus: The same Cyclist at the Oderteich.

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Plans”

  1. Yes tree-felling is extremely dangerous. I don’t like having to do it. Usually I let the wind take them down and then just saw them up. Even that is none too safe. And my woods doesn’t have any tourists visiting either. Best to stay well away from any kind of logging operation.

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