One extreme Panorama

Just last Week, I had a bit of Fun doing some Panorama Photography just to get some super High-Res Fotos. That was nice, but everyone can do that. In Fact, it is not that hard to do. Or at least it is with a good Computer.

On Monday, while trying to figure out what to do since my original Plans had just been vanquished, I did one more Panorama for the Panoramas Sake though.

At the Oderteich.

Of Course, this Panorama was nothing ordinary either though. That would have been boring. While editing those Res-O-Ramas last Week, I had discovered a Function called HDR Panorama in Lightroom.

Naturally, I did want to try that out at least once. And so, while evaluating my Options, I switched my Camera into Auto Exposure Bracketing with three Exposures ranging from -1EV to +1EV taken per Shot.

In the End, I think I ended up with 30 odd Fotos to be assembled into one giant HDR Panorama.

Seeing the Dam.

Stitching the Fotos was absolutely no Problem for my old, mid 2014 Laptop. In Fact, it did that Task just Fine, and even at a reasonable Time.

Off Course I was not done at that Point though. My usual Edits still had to be applied. That also went along nicely. My Problems started when I tried to use the guided Upright Function.

Lightroom crashed a Total of six Times, because it requested too many Resources for too long. In one of the Crashes, the Report stated over 50% CPU, I have no Idea how to change that Threshold, for more than 123 Seconds, until I decided to Force Quit the Application. It was bad.

On a lighter Note: Standard vertical Upright worked very well, and I really did not need to draw my own Guides.

Woodworkers at the Oderteich.

In the End, I ended up with a 17872 x 5987 Pixel File. That is a whopping 107 Megapixels with a 3:1 Aspect Ratio. The File Size, for a JPEG at 100%, actually is not that big though. The Foto only occupies 64.7 Megabytes.

My usual Export, where I resize to 3000 Pixels on the long Side, did not work for this Foto though. There just would not have been nearly enough vertical Resolution.

So I exported in Full and later changed the Resolution to 6000 x 2000 Pixels so that I could upload the Panorama here. Before, the File was just too large.

The HDR-O-Rama.

The finished Panorama turned out very nice in my Opinion, but I will not attempt such a Thing again. It was just way too much Work. I guess a normal Panorama, without the HDR aspect would have also worked just fine.

I still had a lot of Fun creating it though. And that is what I am all about after all. Photography right now is a Hobby to me, and I am quite happy where I stand.

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