A Foto Contest

A few Month ago, in March 2021, I entered a total of 10 Fotos into a Photography Contest hosted by the Harz National Park.

Two Years ago, I had already participated and nothing resulted from it, and that is what I had anticipated to happen this Time around as well.

One of the Fotos that I had entered.

I had only participated in two out of four Categories, those being Landscapes and WaldWandel, or ‘The ever changing Forest’.

While I had entered the maximum of Fotos per Category, five each, I was very much sure that nothing Mitch would come from it again.

The last Time around, there were about 135 Participants and about 1150 Fotos in Competition, and I was sure those Numbers would not change much this Year.

Another Foto I had entered.

A few Days ago, I then got an Email from the Contest Jury. And just as I had anticipated, the number of both Entries and Participants had not changed much. I though that all of it was for nothing again.

I could not have been more wrong. One of my Fotos actually got selected to be exhibited in the WaldWandel Category. It was also the one Foto I had given the lowest Chance of Success. Maybe Photographers really are their own worst Critics sometimes.

Anyhow, my Foto got selected, and I am really happy about that. There even still is a Chance to Win the whole Category, and maybe even to have my Foto included in next Years Calendar. That would be cool.

I have no Idea how many Fotos got selected for exhibition though.

Another Entry.

As I do not know anything else yet though, I will not actually show you my selected Foto. Maybe I will do that later on.

Still, it is kinda exiting to probably get exhibited in an Exhibition, should the current Situation allow it.

2 thoughts on “A Foto Contest”

  1. Good on you!
    As for criticism … well artists do tend to be their own worst critics, but also contest judges are often not suitable for evaluating artistic work. Nothing can be done about either of these things.
    Enjoy whatever successes you experience, and don’t linger on the ‘failures’.

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