My favourite Techniques

I really do love Photography. Right now, the very rainy Weather here in my Area is kinda keeping me from doing all too much of it. Hopefully it gets better tomorrow.

But Photography never is as simple as just finding a beautiful Composition and then pushing a Button. Especially with digital Photography, there are endless possibilities.

A part of an HDR-O-Rama.

One such Technique is HDR Photography, where you take multiple Fotos at different Exposures. Those are then merged together to achieve a higher Dynamic Range than any given Camera actually has.

Usually, it is very easy to get those multiple Exposures. I use AEB, or Auto Exposure Bracketing, with one Shot under, one over, and one naturally Exposed. On most Days, I would go with one Stop Steps.

I do not go with HDR Photography very often. It is usually too much of a Hassle, and my Camera has a decent Dynamic Range on its own. So I only go with AEB HDRs in especially challenging lighting Situations.

A Res-O-Rama.

Another very nice Photography Technique is to do Panoramas. Those either Capture wider Scenes, or you can use them to get higher Resolution Fotos.

For that, multiple Fotos are taken, each one at a location slightly more to the Right (or Left) of the one taken before. Usually, Panoramas yield a very wide and flat Image, when it comes to their Aspect Ratio.

And Extreme Version of this would be to Merge HDR Photography with Panorama Photography. The Results do look very nice, but my old Laptop can not handle those all too well.

Long Exposures are nice.

One of my my favourite, and also a very easy, Techniques definitely is Long Exposure Photography. All you need for that is a Camera and maybe a Tripod. There really is not much to it.

With Long Exposures, you can achieve so much. Light Trails for Example.

They are also very good when there is little Light. Like when it is Night, or in Tunnels. Sometimes Long Exposures also work very well in the Woods. They really can look good, especially when you want to stick with a lower ISO.

A nice Close-up.

I also very much like Close-up Photography. A Macro Lens might help with that, but it is also unnecessary in my Eyes.

All you need is a Lens that can Focus nice and close. With that, you can have a lot of Photography Fun. And that is what it is all about, after all.

Close-ups are also very nice in Product Photography. Ans sometimes, I really like some good Product Photography. That can be really awesome.

Somewhere in the Woods.

Photography never is as easy as just pushing a Button. After all, a Composition has to be found, and the right Technique has to be decided on. But all that is usually a lot of Fun. It also plays a huge Part in my Love for Photography.

And maybe the Rain will ease up tomorrow. Right now, it is going on like it is never going to Stop.

But Nature needs some Water. The next hot Summer is definitely coming.

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