Useless Gear

Photography is an amazing Hobby to me. But while I generally do not really care about Gear, there are some Items that I can easily live without. Some Things just have absolutely no use to me personally.

And it is not that I have not tried one or the other Item from this list, in Fact I have. I just never found any valid Reason to actually own any of them.

Beni the Stormtrooper.

For a Foto like the one of Beni above, most People would have probably used a Speed-light, or maybe even a constant Light Source. I did not do that.

While I certainly own a little Video Light, and have used it for Photography in the Past, I do not usually do that. There is just no need for additional Light in most of m Shootings.

I also prefer natural Light. It just looks better in my Opinion. The same holds true for any Portrait that I have ever taken.

Since I pretty much never shoot indoors, I also do not own a Studio Kit. There is just no use in it for me. A Reflector could be nice though, but I doubt I would use such a Thing much.

A Waterfall.

Another Thing I barely ever have used are Filters. For the Foto above, I could have easily used any ND Filter to slow my Exposure and get a smoother appearance to the Water. I would have also needed to use a Tripod for that though.

For a while, I tended to use a little, cheap VND Filter for shooting Video, but I do not do that very often anymore. I usually shoot in the Woods anyways.

Filters are also an extra Step to remember. I usually find them useless. The only Filter I really want to try out sometime is a Circular Polarizer. But I would need a Tripod for that as well.

Clausthal from Above.

For me personally, Drones are kinda useless right now. And it is not that I do not want to have one at some Point, because I kinda do.

The Thing is that it is pretty much near impossible to fly Drones legally around where I live. That is even truer where I would want to fly Drones at the Moment.

Like at the Oderteich. The Teich is in a National Park, where it is definitely illegal to fly any Drones. Or at least it is without Permission, if you can even get any.

For that Reason alone, and because I am scared that I would constantly crash mine if I had one, I find Drones utterly useless right now. And yes, I know this Opinion might be a bit controversial.

At the Prinzenteich.

I do not like most Tripods, except for maybe my tiny Table Top Tripods. They are big and clunky and they get in the Way of my Shooting.

The Thing is that even I admit that they are definitely not useless, even if they only serve one Purpose. Sometimes, I even like it to use a Tripod, if it means that I can get the Shot. And that is paramount.

Tripods annoy me massively, but I do get their Point. That will not make me use them much more though. I still prefer to bring a Bottle of Water, or a nice Limo, on my Hikes instead.

At the Graben.

Of Course this list of useless Items is very much Subjective and possibly even a little Controversial. But it is my List, so I really do not care that much.

Personally, I find these Things, except for Tripods, utterly useless at the Moment, but that might also Change over Time, as everything does.

For now, I really do not have any use for Drones though.

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