My favourite Gear

In order to do Photography, you need some Amount of Gear. For starters, a Camera and a Lens will do. In Fact, that is pretty much all you need, ever.

There are a few Extras that are actually useful though. And since I posted a bunch of useless Stuff yesterday, I am going to go with my favourite Tools today.

At the Oderteich.

First of all, I have to mention Tripods. I really do not like to use them, but that does not make them useless.

In Fact, Tripods are really useful when they are needed. Like for Long-Exposure Photography. Or when you want Film something that requires a steady Camera for a long Time. Like an Interview or Things like that.

I also really love my tiny Tripods. Those are great, and they generally fit pretty much anywhere I want to put them. Like in the deepest depths of my Backpack. That is because I still do not use them too much.

Trees falling.

A decent Camera Strap can also be extremely useful. With the help of one, you do not have to carry your Camera in your Hands all the Time. It also does not have to be in your Backpack though. I do not like Cameras in Backpacks.

From there, you can not take any beautiful Fotos, after all. Something like a Capture Clip would also be very nice, but I do not have one just yet.

I would not recommend the included Strap that comes with every Camera though. Those are usually very uncomfortable. Back in 2018, I won a BlackRapid Strap, and I still use it, mostly because it has a really nice Padding and is super comfortable to use.

Stairs in the Woods.

While some People use Filters to protect their beautiful Lenses, I do not like that. It adds an extra Layer of Glass, and it is very much unnecessary. Lenses are usually quite tough these Days.

I prefer to use the Lens Hoods that come with some Lenses* for that Purpose. They also block out stray Sources of Light, which is also nice.

Lens Hoods can also stay on Lenses pretty much forever. At least they are always on mine. Sometimes I have to reverse them though, mostly when they are larger.

A nice Path.

While there is definitely a lot of useless Gear out there, there is also quite a bit of very useful Stuff. You do not really need any of it, but it definitely is fun to try out new Things.

And even though I do not like to admit it, I even find Tripods useful. Even though they are really awful.

*Not all Lenses come with Lens Hoods. Sometimes, they have to be bought separately. Third Party Hoods are usually a good budget-friendly Option.

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