There is more…

The last few Times when I went out Exploring, I usually ended up somewhere near the Oderteich. And I had a great Time there, always. But the Harz is so much more than just the Braunlage-Torfhaus-Oderteich Triangle.

There are so many beautiful Places here in the Area, it is impossible to count them by Hand.

Yesterday at the Oderteich.

One such Thing definitely would be the Oberharzer Wasserregal with all its Teiche and Gräben.

I always love it to Find another Teich, but the supply is steadily dwindling. I can only really do that once after all.

The Gräben are a little different, but even those do not last forever. It does take a considerable amount of Time to Hike along every single one though, and I am definitely not done just yet.

Deep in the Woods.

I also really love it to just wander through the Woods, taking Fotos of Trees and the like. Little Things at the Wayside also tend to draw my Attention to them, like Mushrooms. Or tiny Trees.

That is especially true when the Forest is at its full Aroma. That smell is just the best Thing in the World. I absolutely love it to bits. I really get those who go enjoy Waldbaden the proper Way, but I will keep my Shoes on for now.

Being in Nature always clears my Mind and allows me to actually Focus on the Things that are important in Life and right now. A little Grounding is always important to me. It makes me who I am.

The Quarry in Wolfshagen.

With the Harz being a Mittelgebirge, or a ‘Medium Mountain Range’ , we of Course also have Mountains, Cliffs and Valleys.

The most beautiful Klippen are definitely around Schierke, but there are many more scattered around the Harz. The Okertal would be another really nice Example.

It does not have to be the Brocken, that Place is overrun and a bit overrated anyways. Except for when you want to take the Train. Then it is the only Option.

Disclaimer: There are many other beautiful Places along the HSB Network that are not the Brocken. Like the Selketal. But I have never been.

The Train huffing up the Brocken.

I really love the Harz, and there is so much Beauty within its Boundaries. There are so many Things to see and do, a normal Lifetime might not even be enough to take it all in.

My very own, and still Top Secret Bucket List is still growing every Day, and I absolutely love it.

Maybe that will make a nice Story one Day. Maybe even more. Who knows. I certainly do not.

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