The Flößteiche

These past few Days, I never really had the Time to do much Photography or to Explore the Harz. I just had to much other Things on my Schedule.

Today, I was finally able to make some Time once again. I even got lucky and it did not Rain for a bit while I was out and about. That was really awesome.

The Oberer Flößteich.

My Journey brought me into Bockswiese, a Neighbourhood of Hahnenklee, today. There I visited the two Flößteiche, and I also crossed over the Dam at the Mittlerer Grumbacher Teich.

A while ago, I had already Hiked past those Teiche when I did the Liebesbankweg with my Family. Today, I got to really see the Area at my own pace though. Which was still quite fast, as it constantly looked like Rain. I also only had one Battery with me, and it was low.

My Round was also shorter than I had planned, mostly because it constantly looked like more Rain again.

The Path along the Teiche.

There are a lot of beautiful Hiking Paths around Hahnenklee, but those along the Teiche are easily the no marvellous of the bunch. I just loved it to wander around there today.

Because of all that Rain that we had all Week long, and up to about 10 Minutes before I arrived in Bockswiese, all those Paths were super wet and muddy. And that actually posed a slight Challenge on the ‘steeper’ Portions of the Path.

I am easily prone to slipping, mostly when I can not really see the Ground. Today, visibility as great , and so nothing happened. I also skipped the worst Part though. I just did not want to muck up my fresh Pants.

The Mittlerer Grumbacher Teich.

In my Eyes, every Teich has something Beautiful to it, except for maybe the Zankwieser Teich. The beauty of the Teiche around Hahnenklee is that they all have slightly different Colours, ranging from a deep Blue to a nice Turquoise. I really do like that.

Today, I only came past the lower three Teiche which are usually kinda turquoise, and today they were more greenish than ever. It looked really nice, but I guess a lot of it was Reflections from the Trees surrounding the Area.

In Hahnenklee, there are actually a lot of seemingly healthy Trees standing around the Teiche. Sometimes, it feels like the Harz is getting greener and greener the lower you come.

I have no Idea why that is, but the Bark Beetle does not seem to have infested the Woods in the ‘lower’ Reaches of the Harz just yet.

The Unterer Flößteich.

Today, my Route took me from the Unterer Flößteich past the Mittlerer Flößteich and then across the Dam of the Mittlerer Grumbacher Teich. After crossing that Dam, I then walked along the same Teiche, just in reverse order and on the opposite Sides.

Doing that have me the Opportunity to see much more than I would have had I taken the same Way back. That Side of the Teiche was also much dryer and way less muddy, so that was also very nice.

At the Oberer Flößteich, there is also a small water-based Playground on that Side of it. There are many Aqueducts and a Pumpwell. I would have loved that Place as a Child.

The Playground.

After a short while of Walking around the Teiche, I then obviously arrived back at the Car. And there was not a Moment to spare.

As soon as I had put my Camera into the Passenger Door, it started raining a little again. That did not last long, and I would have survived on the outside, but it was great that I did not actually have to.

While my Camera is not Weather-sealed, it can, and it has, take a little bit of Rain. That does not mean I have to like it though.

And even if my Camera would be sealed, running around in the Rain with it would probably still feel weird to me. It is just not something I would usually do.

So rooty.

I am really glad that I got to make some Time to be at the Teich and in Nature today. It was truly awesome to see that Area of the Harz at my own Pace, just like I do it best.

Being in Outdoors just is a large Part of who I am, and that will never change. I just do not like to be outside when the Weather is real bad, even though I have enjoyed that in the Past.

Bonus: A muddy Path.

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