When my Camera got sprayed

Usually, I try to take Care of all my Gear. I am just not in a Position to throw around Cameras and Lenses all willy nilly. But sometimes, the Murphy’s Law hits, and the unexpected happens.

Like when my Lens detached and the Camera took a Dive in Rotterdam (more here). I hate it when such Things happen, but so far, I always got away pretty much scot-free.

At the Oderteich.

About one and a half, maybe even two Years ago, I had just departed a Supermarket in Zellerfeld with two Cans of sugar-free Energy Drink sitting on the Passenger, when someone suddenly stepped in front of the Car.

Obviously, I came to a stop. Hitting People is very bad after all, no matter who is to blame. My Energy Drink had not gotten the Memo though.

It took a dive into the Foot-well in front of the Seat, where my Camera was lying since I did not want to take it into the Store.

At the Flößteiche.

That would not have been a Problem, if the Can and my Camera had not met a a very particular Spot: The Strap Lugs of the Camera.

On my Canon M5, those are pointy. And of Course they pierced that Can like it was not even there. As you can probably imagine, the Energy Drink Can did not like that one bit, and it discharged its Contents in a flash.

Since my Camera was pretty much within that Can, it got most of that Spray. Right then, I thought that I was done. And I guess I almost was.

In the Woods.

Energy Drink was pretty much everywhere. It was in the Battery Compartment and below the Screen. It was in the Tripod-well and had seeped into the Shutter-Button.

There even was some seepage right on the Sensor. It was really f*ing bad. And it could have most definitely spelled the End for my Camera.

Luckily, I just had to clean it up and put some Isopropyl Alcohol onto the Shutter Button to clear that Blockage. It still works very fine after all. I really got extremely lucky that Day.

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