My favourite Fotos of 2021 (Part 1)

Photography is an awesome hobby, but lately I have not been able to do very much of it. The Weather right now is very mixed, and when it is actually photogenic, I usually have something else to do.

Because of that, and also because this Year is almost at its half-way Point, I decided to make a short List of my favourite Fotos of 2021, so far.

No. 1: At the Ziegenberger Teich.

This Year, we had a beautiful snowy Winter here in the Harz. Outdoors, it was just like I love it. The Landscapes where nice and powdered, and all the Teiche were frozen.

The downside of all the Beauty was the absolute freezing Cold. It had gotten down to below -20° C during some Nights, and that lead to all kinds of Problems. Like bursting Pipes. And a Car that did not really want to turn on at all, at least for a while.

During that Time, I also took one of my absolute favourite Fotos so far though. It is if the little red Swedish Hit down at the Ziegenberger Teich in Buntenbock. I really do love that Place.

No. 2: To the Polsterberger Hubhaus.

In March, I then got a lot of Exploring into my System. For example, I visited the Polsterberger Hubhaus. On the Way there, I took a Foto that I still like a lot.

There is not even that much to it, but the Light was just awesome that Day, and I even like the Forestry Machine in the middle of the Frame, even though it is barely even visible.

I had a lot of Fun on that Day, and I also learned a lot about the Oberharzer Wasserregal. Like that there were actually Buildings and Machinery to lift Water up Mountains instead of just letting it flow downhill.

No. 3: A Hochsitz at the Graben.

This Year, I also really started off with one of my other Hobbies: Finding Teiche. I had always loved those, but I only really got kinda obsessed with them around February to March.

When I then visited the Zankwieser Teich for the first Time, which is pretty much the only Teich so far that I did not really like, I found this nice Hochsitz at the Graben between it and the Kiefhölzer Teich. And I really do like Hochsitze. They always remind me of my late Grandfather (2003).

While I have taken many other Fotos of Hochsitze this Year, the one I took at the Graben actually is my favourite of those, and even one of my favourites of this Year.

No.4: A part of the Oderfälle.The other Side of the Dam

From Time to Time, I really enjoy it to spend some Time at the Oderteich. While the actual Teich is usually way overcrowded, the other Side of the Dam is mostly deserted.

On that Side of the Dam, you can find the extremely beautiful Oderfälle that are a part of the Ausflut, or the Overflow, at the Oderteich.

Those are extremely beautiful, but more so when there is actually Water going down them. And that had not happened in a while, mostly because the Oderteich is usually fairly empty these past few Years.

My favourite Thing about this Foto is not actually the Waterfall though. It is the Tree-Trunks lying around there all criss-crossed. Those really look beautiful.

No.5: A very full Oderteich.

Right now, or at least the Last Time I visited about a Week ago, the Oderteich is very much filled to the Brim though. The Waterfall is flowing nicely, and the Area looks much better than usually.

This Foto was taken at the Boardwalk across the Moor at the Oderteich. I had never seen the Water so close to that Boardwalk in my Life. It was really awesome.

If I had to really choose, this Foto would definitely make it I to my Top 10 this Year, and it probably will at the End of the Year.

Runner-up: Just now at the Flößteiche.

With this Year being half-over, I can definitely say that it has not been all too bad so far. While 2021 probably will not kick my favourite Year so Far, 2015 of the Thrown or even come close to that, it also was not anywhere near the worst. So far, that is 2020. And not because of the Pandemic.

I guess I will take many more Fotos this Year, but so far these are my Favourites of the Season.

There is no Guarantee that any of the Fotos on this List will make it into my Year End Top 10. My Photography is to fluid for that.

No.3b: A Hochsitz at the Dammgraben.
No.4b: The Stairs next to the Oderfälle.

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