Maiwipfel & new Gear

I really love Nature, and the best Thing about it is the Smell of the Woods. That Aroma is just so absolutely awesome, I can not even imagine being in the Forest without having it all around me.

Maiwipfel, or Spruce Buds, are a huge Part of that Aroma. They are definitely not the only Thing smelling nice in the Woods, but they do smell amazing.

Some Maiwipfel.

Since Maiwipfel are only really good in May, and since the Weather was actually nice today after a long Time of mostly Rain, I decided to collect some today. And that was a lot of Fun.

Being respectful with Nature and also trying to forage as sustainable as possible, I only collected very few Maiwipfel per Tree. I also only collected above a certain height to avoid scat and wee. I just did not want to have to deal with those Things.

There were also a lot of Insects around, so I did not pick any Maiwipfel that had any kind of Fly near them. That was more because I did not want to disturb them though.

A Foraging Bag.

While I did buy a nice Foraging Bag on Instagram of all Places, I still placed a Paper Bag inside. That Things was still new and full of lint, so I did not want to use it without a lining.

Lint would have also hampered my Efforts of making a nice Maiwipfel Syrup. Find out more about that on my FoodTribe.

Otherwise, I really do like that Bag though. Even one of the Buttons does not seem to work properly.

In the Woods.

While foraging for those tasty smelling Maiwipfel, I also had a really good Time out in the Woods. Since I only collected very few Buds per Tree, I had to walk around quite a bit in order to collect the 300 grams that I collected in the End. That was just enough for two Jars of future Syrup.

I really enjoyed the Smell of the Woods and the Song of the Birds. It was a really good Day.

Except for the very full Parking Areas. That was a bit annoying. The Forest was pretty empty though.

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