A Waterfall in Herzberg

Just a few Days ago, I heard about a beautiful Waterfall in the next Town over, Herzberg. I had to see that with my own two Eyes, but the Weather was usually quite bad. And since I had no Idea about the Condition of the Paths there, I decided to postpone.

Starting Yesterday, the Weather started to get much better though, and I decided to head out to that Waterfall today. Even though my Family told me that it probably was not worth the Time, I just had to see that for myself.

The first set of Stairs.

To get to that Waterfall from where I had parked the Car, I first had to climb down a set of Stairs to get to the confluence of the Sieber and the Lonau just a short distance from the actual Waterfall.

From there, I then had to ascend another set of Stairs to get to the Lonauer Wasserfall, which I was told would be tiny and not really worth anyone’s Time.

After having reached the Top of the Stairs, I first though all those teasings would be right, as I did not really see or hear a Waterfall. Luckily, I was very wrong with that assumption.

From above the Lonauer Wasserfall.

The Waterfall itself was sitting deep in a Gorge carved into the natural Rock Formations over Time by all the Water flowing down the Lonau. It is actually really beautiful.

I can see how it is underrated though. The Lonauer Wasserfall is really well hidden in a small wooded Area just off the Road in one of Herzbergs main Industrial Areas.

From directly above the Waterfall, I also was able to hear its Force. It just sounded really awesome. From there, I also spotted a ‘Viewing Platform’ down below the Waterfall that I had missed on my Way up, and so I returned there.

From ‘below’ the Waterfall.

While that Area still was quite a ways from the bottom of that Gorge, it was in perfect Line of Sight with the Lonauer Wasserfall. From there, the true beauty of the Place unveiled itself.

There was so much Water rushing across the Cliff, I absolutely loved it. From above, the Waterfall still looked kinda small. But from lower down it was truly magnificent.

For a while, there where some People climbing around the Rocks, but they were gone rather quickly.

At the Paper Mill.

After leaving the Waterfall, I then had to walk along that ‘Industrial Road’ for a while until I was able to walk back down to the Sieber.

To get there, my Path took me past the local Paper Mill for a while, and I even had to walk under a small Portion of the Factory. It was very dark there, but it was also kinda cool.

There were a lot of Cyclists coming down that narrow Trail, and I had to step aside a lot of Times. That was okay though. Everyone should enjoy Nature, especially when the Weather is as great as it was today.

The Paper Mill.

Back down at the Sieber, I then was able to loom deep into the Factory Grounds, where they source Water for their Production, and where the Herzberger Mühlengraben is split off the River.

I really liked the Sight of those old Industrial Buildings. Back in the Day, Factories just looked way better than they do now.

And flowing Water is always really nice. So I enjoyed that Place a little before heading back to that initial set of Stairs along the Sieber.

Along the Path.

Along that Path back towards the Car, there were a whole lot of Brennnesseln, so I decided not to linger. I did take a nice Foto of a little Footbridge that was actually sitting between those Stairs I took on my Way to the Lonauer Wasserfall.

When I initially walked along there, I did not found that Bridge particularly interesting. It looked great through the Trees and Stinging Nettles though.

I guess sometimes it is good to see Things from multiple Angles.

The secondary Staircase from below.

After climbing back up those Stairs that I had descended earlier, I then arrived back at the Car.

While my Journey actually was not very long, it covered quite a bit of elevation changes, and I got to see a really beautiful Waterfall. It was actually awesome.

And it was definitely worth my Time and Effort to get there.

Bonus: Above the Waterfall.

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